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International Surface Velocimetry Workshop

4-6 May, 2021

The Energy & Environment Institute and international partners hosted this three-day theoretical and technical workshop, addressing non-contact surface velocity methods for the determination of river and floodplain flows.


View recorded presentations via the workshop youtube playlist

The event was co-organised by:

University of Hull

University of Sheffield

UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

With the support of: :

The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)

The UK Fluids Network

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) HydroHub

Topics covered during the three-day workshop series include:

• Camera based methods • Radar methods • Acoustic methods • Thermal imaging • Drone based methods • Velocimetry using satellite imagery and earth observation • In-channel and floodplain hydrodynamics • Software tools and data processing • Site considerations and site selection • Practicalities and legalities of drone flying • Uncertainty and verification in results • Innovation to improve results and overcome practical limitations

Over 400 global experts and experienced practitioners attended the workshop sessions to to share their knowledge through presentations, training and discussions. The final day focused on innovation, and overcoming limitations with these methods.

It is hoped that the workshop will become an annual event. Please check back on this page for news of future plans.


Recorded presentations from the International Surface Velocimetry Workshop 2021


You can choose to browse the workshop playlist on the Energy & Environment Institute’s youtube channel, or select individual sessions from the list below:


Aleixo - Surface velocity measurements in a jet dissipation basin

Annor - Operational Discharge Monitoring with OPenRiverCam in Low Resource Settings.

Baas - LSPIV of Wind-Blown Sand Streamers on a Beach

Biggs - A stereo camera equipped drone

Biron & Duguay - Improving our understanding of turbulent flow structures in rivers with large-scale PIV

Bomhof - Preliminary Comparison of Image Velocimetry Software and Methods

Castaings - Operationalisation of camera-based velocimetry techniques: feedback and challenges

Cowen - Quantitative Image Velocimetry Measurements of Turbulence Metrics in Surface Waters: Going Beyond Mean Flow

Eltner - River reach mapping with UAVs

Fujita - History of SV at Fujita Lab

Garcia - Assessment of a velocimetry images method as support for the management of a highly polluted basin

Hauet - LSPIV for mapping velocity near a dam

Higham – ‘Flowonthego' - flow tracking technology on your smartphone

Ho - Application of CNN Method to Estimate Open Channel Flow Velocity and Discharge

Johnson - Inferring flow dynamics from remotely sensed eddies'

Johnson MD - Application of Machine Learning to recover surface parameters from phaseless scattered acoustic data

Johnson, Blair - Experimental investigation using surface particle image velocimetry for measuring volumetric discharge in an open channel

Jolley - Image velocimetry for determining flow in river channels: a review

Kalaitzis - Water monitoring with Very High Resolution satellite imagery from the Planet Labs constellation

McDonald - A simple Smartphone based Surface Velocity solution

Muraro - Coupled hydrodynamics-free surface measurements of a flow over bars

Pena-Haro - Extracting information from the temporal evolution of the surface velocity distribution

Randall - Australian Guidelines for SV methods

Raquib - Understanding floating plastics transport using surface velocimetry

Schweitzer - Infrared Quantitative Image Velocimetry (IR-QIV) measurements of instantaneous surface velocity at field scales

Smart - A software tool for surface alpha determination

Sommer - How to measure discharge in flood conditions and how to get the peak information during flood events

Stoesser - Water surface boils in open-channel flows - what lies beneath

Thomas - Application of surface PTV to very shallow flows in experimental braided rivers

Trieu - Photogrammetry for free surface flow velocity measurement: from laboratory to field measurements

Wu - Optical measurement of 3D surface fluctuation in partially filled pipe


PICO Session from the International Surface Velocimetry Workshop 2021, featuring Dolcetti, Zandonadi Moura, Sommer, Schnauder, Dolcetti, Bodart, Ferreira


Hauet - Training/demo: Data processing Fudaa LSPIV

Randall - Training/demo: Data processing HydroSTIV

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