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Institute of Digital Innovation and Sustainable Transformation [IDIST]

Promoting innovative, cross-disciplinary, co-created, and impactful research for an equitable and sustainable digital society.

Youwei Li

Research specialisms

Accounting and Sustainable Finance; Applied Mathematics; Artificial Intelligence; Business and Management, Digital Economy, Marketing, Philosophy

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Youwei Li |

Nishikant Mishra |

Gunjan Saxena |

The Challenge

Within the context of an interconnected society and digital economy, the interplay of social, technological, financial, environmental and geo-political factors poses a number of challenges for decision makers. Hence, our focus will be on developing new concepts, technologies and methodological approaches needed to address that complexity.

The Approach

The Institute’s approach is to develop deep undertanding of how complex systems are interconnected and work and how they can be managed and optimised using artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, mobile and cloud technologies and IOT to create transformative opportunities, driving low carbon sustainable productivity, growth and improvement of citizens’ lives. Our approach focuses on the salience of stakeholder engagement, co-creation, theory building, testing and implementation in a broad range of application areas including circular economy, sustainable Finance, health, policy analysis, sustainable tourism development, resilience in manufacturing and service supply chains, transformations in digital technologies, economy and society, food security and low-carbon economy.

Ashvita Sudhakar Digital Design Clearing Student


Our primary objective is to foster close collaboration with society, industries, and policymakers to generate research income as well as establish long-term partnerships. We intend to cultivate fresh skill sets through knowledge exchange to contribute to shaping the decision-making frameworks, initiatives, and strategies essential for achieving digital innovation, resilience, and sustainable transformation outcomes at global, national and regional scales.

We are dedicated to comprehending, elucidating, and actively engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders at various levels. Our focus is on building capacity, igniting enthusiasm for innovative community-driven projects, and driving meaningful policy interventions that positively impact society. 


Food and Farm Berry Trouble
Aaliah Bhamji, Accounting with Professional Experience student in the Bloomberg Suite
Bags of brightly coloured spices, on sale at a market in India
Image of biomass outside of a industrial building
Graph on a laptop screen
  • Full Project Details

    Global and Local Supply Chains

    Our research agenda focuses on the complex web of food production and supply chains globally and locally, addressing the environmental, social, political, economic and technological aspects of food production and consumption.

    1. Saxena, Gunjan (2018-2023) Principal-Investigator, EC-Asia Research Network on Integration of Global and Local Agri-Food Supply Chains Towards Sustainable Food Security. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) Call: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016. £2.5 million
    2. Mishra, Nishikant (2017-2020), Co-Investigator Innovate UK LHOFT - Liverpool - Humber Optimisation of Freight Transport, £1,489,613.00

    Digital finance & Marketing

    1. Li, Youwei (2023-2026) Co-Investigator, Research on the dynamic relationship between cross-platform social information network and asset price (with Yongjie Zhang),National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 72271184), CNY 500,000
    2. Li, Youwei (2020-2023) Co-Investigator, Optimal decision and coordination for the platform owner and its sellers with the perspective of business ecosystem (with Wei Yan), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 71971043), CNY 480,000.
    3. Li, Youwei (2013- 2017) Principal-Investigator, The efficiency of futures markets, Seventh Framework Programme, The People Programme, The Marie Curie Actions, Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways, Grant agreement no.: 324440, European Commission, with Professor Michael Frommel (Ghent University, Belgium), Michael Moore (University of Warwick), and Dr. Alex Mende (Risk & Portfolio Management, Sweden). EUR 830,000.
    4. Li, Youwei (2013-2016) Co-Investigator, Asset pricing with social interactions, adaptive learning, and differences in opinion (with Prof Xuezhong (Tony) He; Dr Lei Shi; University of Technology, Sydney), Australia Research Council, Discovery Projects DP130103210. Total ASD 211,000.00.

    Circular and Green Economy

    1. Mishra, Nishikant (2019-2021) Co-Investigator, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Evolving a circular plastics economy, Amount Awarded: £1, 131, 1049.28
    2. Demetis, Dionysios D, Mishra, Nishikant, Kumari, Sushma (2023- ) KTP R4 (2022-23) Adopting a Circular Economy Business Model for Resource Efficiency in ICT industry (ACE4ICT), Thakker, D, Mishra, N, Kumari, S £178,476
    3. Kumari, Sushma (2022-2023) Blockchain enabled Cloud Computing based integrated Carbon Calculator (Be4C), Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), £19,755.00

    Food Security

    1. Mishra, Nishikant (2017-2021), Co-Investigator, GCRF: Growing Research Capability, Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies, Amount Awarded: £7, 834, 714.00
    2. Mishra, Nishikant (2019-2023), Co-Investigator, STFC Food Network+ Extension The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), , Amount Awarded: £1, 300, 000.00

    AI & Machine Learning

    1. Kumari, Sushma (Jan 2023-March 2023) A dynamic machine learning systems for standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code for UK Immigration Law Industry, Accelerated Knowledge Transfer to Innovate (AKT2I), £30,573.00
  • Outputs & Publications

    Sustainable Finance


    • Li, Youwei (with Ming Liao & Yangke Liu) How does green credit policy affect polluting firms' dividend policy? The China experience, International Review of Financial Analysis, 102631, (2023)
    • Li, Youwei (with Jiaqi Guo & Peng Li) What can explain momentum? Evidence from decomposition), Management Science, 68(8), (2022), 6184-6218.
    • Lu, Qing (with Toms, Steven and Wei, Yingqi) (In Press) “From Light Touch to Top Management Control: HSBC’s Integration of its First Two Acquired Subsidiaries 1960-1980”, Business History. Advance Online Publication.
    • Lu, Qing (2021) “Bounded Reliability and the Termination of International Joint Ventures”, Business History, 63(2): 205-224.
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with Adams, Adams, Attah-Boakye, R., Ullah, S. & Kimani, S.) (2022) Social and environmental practices and corporate financial performance of multinational corporations in emerging markets: evidence from 20 oil-rich African countries”, Resources Policy, 178, 102756
    • Xiao, Qin (with Joura, E. & Subhan U.) (forthcoming), The moderating effects of CEO power and personal traits on say-on-pay effectiveness: Insights from the Anglo-Saxon economies. International Journal of Finance & Economics
    • Bhattarai Keshab (with S. Mallick & Bo Yang) (2021) Are Global Spillovers Complementary or Competitive? Need for International Policy Coordination, Journal of International Money and Finance, 110(102291), 1-22;

    Tourism and Marketing


    Food and Supply Chain

    • Oledinma, Akunna (with A., Ezenwa, A. E., Whiteing, A., Daniel Johnson, D., Ejem, A.E). (2020) “Development of strategies to improve Information Communication Technology diffusion in Nigeria’s logistics and transport industry: Adaptation of Structure-Process -Outcome Model”. International Journal of Integrated Supply Chain Management 13(2/3), 252-276.
    • Oledinma, Akunna (with Ezenwa, A. E., Whiteing, A., Daniel Johnson, D. Ejem, A.E.) (2020) Development of strategies to improve Information Communication Technology diffusion in Nigeria’s logistics and transport industry: Adaptation of Structure-Process -Outcome Model. International Journal of Integrated Supply Chain Management. 13(2/3), 252-276.
    • Oledinma, Akunna (with Roper, S). (2021) Tradition (re-)defined: Farm v factory trade-offs in the definition of Geographical Indications, the case of Three Counties Cider. Journal: Journal of Rural Studies. Journal of Rural Studies. 8, 12-21.
    • Kumari, Sushma (with A Upadhyay, S Mukhuty, JA Garza-Reyes, V Shukla (2022), A review of lean and agile management in humanitarian supply chains: analysing the pre-disaster and post-disaster phases and future directions, Production Planning & Control, 1-14

    Logistics and Labour Productivity

    Small Firms and legal issues

    • Bashir, Mamoon Al (with Uchitha Jayawickrama, Shaofeng Liu, Melanie Hudson Smith, Pervaiz Akhtar & Bashir, Mamoon Al)(2019)Knowledge retention in ERP implementations: the context of UK SMEs, Production Planning & Control, 30:10-12, 1032-1047
    • ‘Chowdhury, M Jashim Ali (2021) Antagonistic Judicial Review of Bangladesh: A good candidate for the Dialogic Model?’ Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, 15(3) 549-574.
    • (Chowdhury, M Jashim Ali (2020) (with Nirmal Kumar Saha), Amendment Power in Bangladesh: Arguments for Revival of Constitutional Referendum’ Indian Journal of Constitutional Law, 9, 38-61; NALSAR University, India.
    • Xiao, Qin (forthcoming) (with Cong Huan Hoang, Kim Cuong Ly & Xuan Zhang) Does national culture impact trade credit provision of SMEs? Economic Modelling.

    AI and Digital Issues

    • Bashir, Mamoon Al (with Surajit Bag, Gautam Srivastava, Sushma Kumari & Giannakis, M.) (2021) Journey of Customers in this Digital Era: Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in User Engagement and Conversion, Benchmarking: An International Journal 29 (7), 2074-2098.
    • Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (with Sam Lehman-Wilzig) (2022). Digital Promotion of Suicide: A Platform-Level Ethical Analysis, Journal of Media Ethics.
    • Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (2022) Bullying, Cyberbullying and Hate Speech”, International Journal of Technoethics (IJT), 13 • Issue 1
    • Cohen-Almagor, Raphael (2020): Moral Responsibility and Social Networking: Cyberbullying and Lessons from the Megan Meier Tragedy, European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, 16(1) 75-97.
    • Demetis, Dionysios (with Bearkpark, T) (2022) “Re-thinking de-risking: a systems theoretical approach”, Journal of Money Laundering Control 25(1), 27-49
    • Demetis, Dionysios (with Kietzmann, J.) (2021) Online Child Sexual Exploitation: A New MIS Challenge" Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 22(1). [Received the Discipline-wide, Senior Scholars Award of the Association of Information Systems as the Best Publication of 2021 as well as the Best Paper Award from JAIS]
    • Kenjegaliev, Amangeldi (with V. Sena & Kenjegalieva, A.) (2022) Innovation and efficiency in financial institutions, Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, 7. 805116.
    • Kronemann, Bianca (with Kizgin, H., Rana, N., & K. Dwivedi, Y.) (2023). How AI encourages consumers to share their secrets? The role of anthropomorphism, personalisation, and privacy concerns and avenues for future research. Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC, 27(1), 2-19. 
    • Kronemann, Bianca (with Dwivedi, Y. K., Hughes, L., Ismagilova, E., Aarts, G., Coombs, C., Crick, T., Duan, Y., Dwivedi, R., Edwards, J., Eirug, A., Galanos, V., Ilavarasan, P. V., Janssen, M., Jones, P., Kar, A. K., Kizgin, H., Lal, B., Lucini, B., Williams, M. D.) (2021). Artificial intelligence (AI): Multidisciplinary perspectives on emerging challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research, practice and policy. International Journal of Information Management, 57, 101994.
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with S. Al Fayi, H. Al-Refiay, and J. Murray) 2020, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Implemented for Ethical Issues in Management Accounting, China Management Accounting Review, 11(1), 116-131
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with Attah-Boakye & Adams, K.) (2020) The application of algorithmic cognitive decision trust modelling for cybersecurity within organisations, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 161, 9, 120290
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with Yeung, C. Odindo & Degbey, W.) (2021) Artificial Intelligence-Driven Music Biometrics Influencing Customers’ Retail Buying Behavior, Journal of Business Research, 126, 401-414
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with T. Nguyen) (2022) Advertising Benefits from Ethical Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Purchase Decision Pathways,” Journal of Business Ethics, , 178, 1043–1061
    • Rodgers, Wayne (with James M. Murray, Abraham Stefanidis, William Degbey, & Tarba,) (2022) An Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Approach to Ethical Decision-Making in Human Resource Management Processes, Human Resource Management Review, 33(1), 100925.



    • Book:
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - Comparative Constitutional Law: Issues, Debates and Stories from the UK, US and Indian Jurisdictions, pp 1200, published by Bengal Press, Chittagong, 1st Edition December 2022.
    • Book Chapters:
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - ‘Parliament of Bangladesh: Constitutional Position and Contributions’ in Ridwanul Hoque and Rokeya Chowdhury (eds.), A History of the Constitution of Bangladesh: The Founding, Development and Way Ahead (Routledge Comparative Constitutional Change Series, 2023) 145-160.
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - ‘Fifty Years of Electioneering in Bangladesh: The Collapse of a Constitutional Design’, M Rafiqul Islam and Muhammad Ekramul Haque (eds.), The Constitutional Law of Bangladesh: Progression and Transformation at Its 50th Anniversary (Springer, 2023) 173-193.
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - ‘Making and Unmaking the Constitution in Bangladesh’, in Ngoc Bui Son and Mara Malagodi (eds.), Asian Comparative Constitutional Law Volume I: Constitution Making (Hart Publishing, 2023) 363-382.
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - ‘Bangladesh Jatya Sangsad (The Parliament of Bangladesh)’ in Po Jen Yap and Rehan Abeyratne (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Asian Parliaments, (Routledge, forthcoming February 2023) 103-124
    • Journal Articles:
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - Protecting Secularism in Bangladesh: A Critique of the Constitutional Unamendability Approach, (Co-author: Md Abdullah Al Mamun and Md Jahedul Islam), Rajshahi University Law Journal, Vol 11 (2023) 108-131.
      • Chowdhury, Jashim - Religious Equality in South Asia: Does "Constitutionalized Secularism" Matter? (Co-author: Md Jahedul Islam), The Chittagong University Journal of Law, Vol 24 (2023) 41-60.


    • Najafi Tavani, Z., Zantidou, E., Leonidou, C.N, and Zeriti, A. (2023), Business model innovation and export performance, Journal of International Business Studies (ABS 4*)
    • Yu, C., Ang, D., Najafi Tavani, Z., and Zantidou, E. (2023), When Challenges Hinder: An Investigation of Buyer-imposed Stressors on Supplier Flexibility, Industrial Marketing Management, 113, pp. 88-99. (ABS 3)
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    • Sari, A.P. & Karunanayake, G. (2022) ‘Digital Marketing Effectiveness of Wowmen Group Towards Gender Equity Awareness’, International Journal of Business and Technology Management, 4(3), pp.202-216.
  • Additional Information

    Media / policy / impact / KE Engagement Activities and Visiting Scholar positions

    1. Andrikopoulos, Thanos (Consultant), Open Blockchain Forum (OBF). (2018 - Present).
    2. Bhattarai, Keshab, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Development Economics and Finance
    3. Bhattarai, Keshab Consultant on Dynamic CGE modelling of the U.S. Economy, Suffolk University and Beacon Hill Institute, Boston, Mass., USA (Feb 2015 – Oct 2016, 2006 – 2007). Integrated micro-simulations into the dynamic CGE models being co-investigator with Professors Jonathan Haughton and David Tuerck.
    4. Chowdhury, M Jashim Ali Elected Member of the Senate, University of Hull (2023), the representative of academic staff of the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics.
    5. CohenAlmagor, Raphael (Visiting Professor) Olof Palme Centre for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University, Sweden (2023-)
    6. CohenAlmagor, Raphael (2021 -), Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Champion, Department of Politics
    7. CohenAlmagor, Raphael (2022-2024) Global Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC, USA
    8. CohenAlmagor, Raphael (June-August 2022), Public Policy Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC, USA
    9. CohenAlmagor, Raphael has hosted talk shows on the Israeli Academic TV Channel. I have published articles and granted interviews to many dozens of media outlets, including the BBC, Israeli television and radio, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Ottawa Citizen, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Maariv, Yedioth Ahronoth, The Baltimore Sun, Knack, DMorgen, The Sunday Guardian, The Diplomatist, The Daily Journalist, Life Week and The Singapore Straits Times.
    10. Demetis, Dionysios established the Humber Business Resilience Forum (HBRF –, a local forum on cybersecurity (2015) that gives advice to local businesses along with the former Director of Intelligence of the National Crime Agency (Gordon Meldrum, QPM). Since its establishment, he has been the Vice-Chair of the Board of the HBRF. The membership has grown to 232 businesses and have received the Chairman’s Award during Humber Business Week 2016. The aim is to promote a safer region by raising awareness on cyber-security. This has had an impact on a large number of SMEs in the region in promoting cyber-awareness.
    11. Professor Robert Hudson, Emeritus Professor of Finance at Hull, is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and a Chartered Mathematician and developed an impact case study submitted to the 2022 REF ‘Using behavioral finance research to improve financial outcomes for consumers’. He has received Anbar Citation of Excellence for 25 publications.
    12. Nicholson, M. (2023-) working with the University of West Indies, Arthur Loc Jack Global School of Business (Trinidad and Tobago) to develop the REF impact case study (with Saxena, G. & Mishra, N.) focused on women entrepreneurs operating in the tourism sector
    13. Ratnayake, N. (2021-22). Invited by the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka (ranked 3rd) in recognition of her expertise and reputation to act as an external advisor in the curriculum reform exercise that supports the HUBS internationalisation strategy

The Impact

Our work impacts on the society, industries and policymakers and results in research income generation. IDIST is able to leverage long term partnerships, to develop new skills, share knowledge and inform the design of structures, actions and strategies needed for digital innovation, resilience and sustainable transformation results at international, national and regional levels. 

  • Members
  • PhD Students

    PhD Students

    1. Chowdhury, Sultanul (with G. Saxena) Mirna Mosleh (2022-)A study on Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs operating in London’s textiles sector
    2. Chowdhury, Sultanul (with G. Saxena) Yi Sun (2022-) A study on women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang province, China
    3. Kenjegaliev Amangeldi (with A. Hassan) Chemical Engineering) Kubiat Umoh, (2020- ), A study of offshore Wind Energy
    4. Kenjegaliev, Amangeldi (with R. Swaray) Yassine Alaoui Mdaghri, (2023- ), Trading strategy optimization tailored to individual investor behavioral profile with considerations for external factors
    5. Lu, Qing (with G. Saxena) Oladimeji Shuaib Akinosho (2022-) A study on food and drink women entrepreneurs in Lagos
    6. Mishra, Nishikant (with G. Saxena) Afranie, S. (2018-2022) A study on the use of drone technology on cocoa farming in Ghana
    7. Mishra, Nishikant (with A. Ramudhin) Quynh Do (2018-2021) An investigation into practices and determinants of the circular economy in the food by-product management using multiple case research design
    8. Oledinma, Akunna (with Mishra, N.) Abdel Makor (2022-) Investigating organisational development towards logistics sustainability applying the paradox theory to ensure CSR is practiced in the downstream processes.
    9. Saxena, Gunjan (with Qing Lu) Mercy Zuzu (2023-), An investigative study on women food vendors in Bayelsa, Nigeria
    10. Saxena, Gunjan (with Ratnayake, N.) Hasan Mohammad (2019-) A study on food waste among Muslim Households during the month of Ramadan,
    11. Zaky, Ahmed (with Saxena, G.) Oladayo (2023-) A study on women entrepreneurs in Ketu, Nigeria.
    12. Karunanayake, Geetha (with Flynn, M.) Etica Tanjeen (2021-) Isomorphic Pressures and Stakeholder’s Demands in Decision Making: A Study on RMG Sectors in Bangladesh.
    13. Xiao, Qin (with Youwei Li) Oyekola Oluwakemi (2022-) Impact of government borrowing on Nigeria financial environment
    14. Bashir, Mamoon (with Saxena, G.) Awais Bilal (September, 2023-) A study on the success rate of mortgage applications from ethnic minority community members.
    15. Wilson, Dawn Macaulay (PGR) Macaulay Gowan-Brown
    16. Burwood, Stephen (PGR) Holly Connolly
    17. Bashir, Mamoon (with Mishra, N) Mahmudul Hasan
    18. Bashir, Mamoon (with Mishra, N) Zhang Zhi



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