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Future of Global Work and Leadership Institute

Developing and highlighting emerging new trends and models in the world of business, focusing on how technology, organisational structures, new modes of engagement and wellbeing are shaping the future of the workplace environment and new leaders.

The Challenge

To address issues relating to the Future of Global Work and Leadership area in the regional, national and global contexts of the fourth industrial revolution. Disruption and risk are playing an ever increasing role at all levels of the global economy and affecting the way businesses and organisations adapt. The rise of technology, unknown geo-political crisis, global pandemics and climate change are effecting the way in which we operate at an accelerated rate. The world of business need to address these factors quickly through revolutionising the way we operate and change the way we lead. 

The Approach

Our approach seeks to draw on streams of research within the institute and the university by leveraging knowledge from a range of disciplines to exploit emerging niche areas of research which can contribute to globally important research agendas.

Our focus on comparative research involves collaboration withinternational academic partners and key stakeholders in the regionaland global economy and will leverage research capabilities and synergiesto produce high quality outputs and embed impact into researchactivities. Team projects and mentoring will be key to developing theresearch culture.


To influence, develop and shape new ways of approaching leadership and organisational change, and how we perceive the future of the workplace.




The Future for Global Work and Leadership is looking for scholars, practitioner and businesses to work and engage with to explore innovate new solutions and approaches to solving the issues posed by the foruth industrial revolution. We are keen to explore new modes of workplace learning, business models, talent requisition and responsible leadership models through webinars, forums and workshops too inform our research. 

Please send an expression of interest to  to find out more.