Chemistry for Health

Researchers in Hull develop imaging and theranostic agents to help treat diseases and improve quality of life.

Professor Steve Archibald
Faculty of Health Sciences
Prof Stephen J. Archibald
Professor in Molecular Imaging

The Challenge

Chemistry is at the heart of collaborative research to treat diseases and improve quality of life.

Researchers in Hull develop imaging and theranostic agents to tackle:

  • drug delivery systems
  • synthesis and evaluation of antimicrobials and anti-cancer agents
  • clinical diagnostics

The Approach

The Chemistry for Health theme encompasses research into imaging & theranostic agents, drug delivery systems, synthesis of antimicrobials and anti-cancer agents, as well as clinical diagnostics.

The approach is a collaborative research with Chemistry at the heart of all activities. Chemistry is the vital discipline thanks to which novel diagnostic, therapeutic and antimicrobial agents are created.



  • New diagnostic and therapeutic agents had been discovered as well as new antimicrobial agents.
  • Output from our PET research have already resulted in a change of practice for NHS radiopharmacy in Hull (REF impact case study).
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  • Creating new diagnostic compounds supported by molecular characterisation at the design stage.
  • Delivering new diagnostic and therapeutic agents
  • Creating novel antimicrobials and anti-cancer agents
  • Develop clinical diagnostics systems at the point-of-need and point-of-care to enable access and best treatment options


Biological Sciences Workshop


We want to contribute to the emerging problem in infectious diseases and prevent the “antibiotic apocalypse” – when even an ear infection can be fatal. The focus of ViBrANT is on the adhesion of pathogens to human cells, an underexplored niche that can lead to new understanding, new diagnostics and devices and, eventually, new treatments.

BioMedical Science Lab Portrait

Training scientists to develop and Image materials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (ITN)

Anna Reynard FHS Biomedical Science Grad at Hull Royal Infirmary

A "Shake and Use" Theranostic System for Combined Radio-imaging and Photodynamic Therapy

(Boyle, Stasiuk)

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  • New technology to improve capability for clinical radiopharmaceutical production (MRC, Archibald)
  • Daisy Appeal Funding
  • Development of point-of-care and wearable sensors for Hepatitis C diagnostics
  • Newton-Musharafa Fund PhD studentship (Pamme)
  • Photo-activated surface coatings to combat bacterial contamination (Boyle Leverhulme Trust)
  • MICA - Well-characterised monclonal antibody-photosensitiser conjugates for treatmen of head and neck cancer (MRC, Boyle, with UCL)
  • Iron Based Nanoparticles with Tuneable Magnetic and Surface Properties for MRI (Ended 2017 Francesconi – Archibald)
  • Novel Anticancer Theranostic Agents (Ended 2019, Francesconi – Stasiuk)
  • H2020 IMI - Biomarker Enterprise to Attack DKD (BEAt-DKD), European Union, Xu (PI. HYMS) Boa (coI)


Outputs and publications

Molecular imaging, theranostic agents

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Synthesis of antimicrobials and anti-cancer agents

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Development of measurement systems for clinical diagnostics

  • Olivia Mosley, Louise Melling, Mark D. Tarn, Cordula Kemp, Mohammad M. N. Esfahani, Nicole Pamme, Kirsty J. Shaw, Sample introduction interface for on-chip nucleic acid-based detection of Helicobacter pylori from stool samples, Lab on a Chip, 2016, 16, 2108-2115. doi: 10.1039/C6LC00228E
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Drug delivery systems

  • Chem Commun, 2016, 52, 4187 Mackenzie
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Research Students

Vincent Nail

Development of clinical radiochemistry tools for dose-on-demand PET

Stephen J Archibald

Mohammad Ibrahim

Development of point-of-care and wearable sensors for Hepatitis C diagnostics

Nicole Pamme

Louis Plunkett

Microfluidics for electroanalytical biosensing, University of Hull studentship

Nicole Pamme

Pablo Rodriguez Mateos,

Lab on a Chip for Pathogen Analysis

Nicole Pamme

Bradley Doyle

Novel synthesis methods for the production of human circulating metabolites of natural products

Nicole Pamme, Dr Huw Jones

Kamil Talar

Wound-on-a-Chip - a new model for mechanistic wound healing and therapy development

Nicole Pamme, Prof. Matthew Hardman

Ben Filby

Monitoring and Manipulating wound microbiota using bacterial shape recognition

Nicole Pamme, Prof. Matthew Hardman, Prof. Vesco Paunov

Dr A Sellamuthu Kooduthurai

Andrew Boa


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