Bioscience Education

Professor Graham Scott and Dr Lesley Morrell
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Professor Graham Scott and Dr Lesley Morrell
Director, Teaching Excellence Academy/Associate Dean (Education)

The Challenge

The Bioscience Education Research Group (BERG) team was brought together by a mutual desire to develop their personal teaching practice, enhance student satisfaction and achievement, and support the development of colleagues through the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

The Approach

BERG members publish peer-reviewed journal articles on the teaching of biology in a range of contexts including assessment and feedback, student employability, learner autonomy, research-led teaching, and the development of scholars of learning and teaching.

Much of this work has been supported through competitive funding from the University of Hull, the HEA, SEDA and HEFCE. Our work is shared through conference presentations, seminars and workshops locally, nationally and internationally.



BERG members are often invited to give keynote speeches and plenaries at national and international meetings and conferences.

In addition to evaluating our own practice, we help colleagues to develop research-based evaluations of theirs and, in doing so, support both the enhancement of their practice and also their development in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Environmental Science


  • To have a positive impact upon the experience and achievement of students
  • To establish an inclusive community of disciplinary scholarship of teaching and learning, and pedagogical research rooted in Hull but engaging at a discipline level beyond the institution
  • To support the career development of colleagues through excellence in the practice and scholarship of teaching


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  • Developing the use of learning analytics across the STEM disciplines to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes
  • Assessing the equality of assessment patterns within STEM subjects
  • Getting more from getting out - maximising the employability-enhancing effect of fieldwork for a diverse student body
  • Harnessing enthusiasm for biodiversity to enhance learning
  • Developing teaching academics as scholars of teaching and learning - an interdisciplinary project


Outputs and publications

Douglas C, Yearsley J, Scott G W, Hubbard K E, 'The Student Thesis conference as a model for authentic and inclusive student research dissemination', Higher Education Pedagogies, 3(1), pp 319-341 (2018)

Henri D C, Morrell L J, Scott G W, 'Student perceptions of their autonomy at university'Higher Education, 75(3), pp 507-516 (2018)

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Goulder RG & Scott GW (2016) 'Conflicting perceptions of the status of field biology and identification skills in UK education'Journal of Biological Education. 50(3) 233-238.

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Morrell LJ. (2014) 'Use of feed-¬forward mechanisms in a novel research¬‐led module'. Bioscience Education 22: 70-81.

Research Students

Emma Peasland

Getting more from getting out: how can we maximise the employability enhancing effect of fieldwork for a diverse student body?

Graham Scott, Lesley Morrell and Dominic Henri


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