Creating a bespoke degree course to rapidly upskill the management workforce of a UK retail giant.

The Challenge

Supermarket giant Morrisons is the UK’s fourth largest retailer, with an 8,000-strong logistics team tasked with managing an ever more complex and technologically sophisticated supply chain.

In recognition of the growing importance of logistics to the company’s performance, it was decided to identify future leaders within its team and invest in their development.

Our strong professional association with the University of Hull gives our research a degree of scientific understanding we wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Dr Kaly Chatakondu,
Commercial Director, AAK UK Ltd

The Solution

The business entered into a partnership with the Logistics Institute at the University of Hull to devise and deliver a pioneering foundation degree course to selected members of staff.

It included modules on academic and management skills, human resources, operations management, leadership and other subjects of relevance to the Morrisons logistics operation.

The Result

Over the course of five years, a total of 100 Morrisons staff went on to take the bespoke part-time degree - taught by leading academics partly on-campus and partly at the company’s Northampton site.

It created a new wave of highly trained managers, with the skills and the motivation to contribute more than ever to the Morrisons brand.

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