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Leading efforts to tackle global environmental resilience and energy sustainability

Energy and
"The research of the Institute is enabling a low carbon transition in energy production and use to meet the Paris Agreement Targets." Lord Prescott
Research Theme

Global change, risk and resilience

Understanding how earth surface systems respond to climate change and the broad impacts this will have on societies, health and wellbeing.

Research Theme

Climate change & the co-evolution of Earth and life

Investigating the relationship between changes to Planet Earth and the life it supports.

Research Theme

Clean growth and carbon net zero transition

Innovating new low carbon technologies and considering their application and societal acceptance.

Research theme

Societies, cultures and climate justice

Enhancing the resilience of communities in a changing climate through health sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts and culture.

Delivering research that matters

The Energy and Environment Institute brings together leading interdisciplinary academics to tackle global issues surrounding climate change, adaptation and mitigation.

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The need to take action to help our environment has never been more pressing, and we're proud to be working with partners the world over to make a real difference, right now.

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Postgraduate students

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Our Masters students study at the cutting edge of Flood Risk Management, Renewable Energy and Advanced Energy Technologies. Our PhD students conduct life-changing research  to mitigate environmental. Their work drives the agenda to help understand how best we protect our planet.

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We're proud to collaborate with a wide variety of universities and organisations on research projects that make a real difference to our environment. Get in touch to see how we can work with you.


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Earth Arcade, which has exhibited to thousands at events around the country, highlights our work to tackle environmental threats through award-winning games and activities like Flash Flood! and River in a Box.