new robin hood stamps designs


University of Hull academic’s expertise is celebrated in the release of Royal Mail stamps

A set of collectable special stamps have been released by Royal Mail, with a Fellow of the University of Hull having played a large role in the project.

Dr Lesley Coote began working at the University of Hull in 1998, as an English and Film lecturer focused on medieval studies and medievalism. She retired in 2020 and remains a Fellow of the School of Humanities and is an established expert on the famous legend of Robin Hood.

Working alongside the Royal Mail, Dr Lesley Coote’s advice and expertise has been highlighted as she played a key part in advising on the content of the new stamp collection.

This 10-stamp set depicts key moments in the English folklore of Robin Hood, from him being outlawed to his marriage to Maid Marian and his death, and including popular characters such as Friar Tuck, the Sheriff and King Richard.

new robin hood stamps designs

Speaking on how this collaboration came about, Dr Lesley Coote, said: “I’ve had a long history of research into Robin Hood, since 2000, with a lot of the reading taking place in the Brynmor Jones library at the University. Robin Hood and King Arthur were two of the topics I regularly taught in both English and Film (focusing on the theory.

“I’ve been associated with the International Association for Robin Hood Studies for two decades and have given many talks on the subject matter. Royal Mail found me through my research and book and I was invited to be part of a small team of 4-5 people working on this set of stamps.”

The team also involved artist Jon McCoy who has previously worked on feature films like The Batman, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Avengers and Blade Runner 2049.

Dr Lesley Coote spoke further about her involvement:

From working as the chief historical and literary advisor to seeing the designs and writing copy, this has been a very special project to be part of and I’m delighted to see it come to life in this way.

Dr Lesley Coote

The Royal Mail has run its Special Stamp programme for more than 50 years, with a focus on commemorating anniversaries and celebrating events relevant to UK heritage and life.

David Gold, Director of External Affairs and Policy, Royal Mail, said: “These atmospheric illustrations bring to life the timeless stories of the Legend of Robin Hood, his merry men and Maid Marion. With its themes of friendship, loyalty, humanity and love, the enduring legend of Robin Hood has captured the hearts and imagination of people for centuries and will continue to do so.”

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