Hull student crowned fastest in the UK at British University Championships

A University of Hull student has sprinted to victory at this year’s British University Championships taking the title in the 100m and 200m events.

David Morgan-Harrison claimed victory at the BUCS Outdoor Athletics Championship  having already raced to victory in the 60m in February.

david morgan harrison with fellow olympians holding medals
Winner David Morgan-Harrison (centre) is aiming for Olympic victory.

The weekend involved students from more than 100 universities competing against each other, with David winning the 100m with a time of 10.28 seconds and the 200m with a time of 21.14 seconds.

The physics student, who eventually has his sights on Olympic gold, says he is now gunning for European success.

He said: “My main goal for this year is to win the 100m at the European U23 Championships in Finland and my ultimate goal in the sport is to be the 100m Olympic Gold medallist.

I was happy to have defended my 100m title from 2022 and I believe I am the first person to win the 60m 100m and 200m at BUCS in the same year, so I hope it shows how much work goes on behind the scenes.

David Morgan-Harrison

“It was a tough few days as running 6 races in a relatively short space of time is very tiring, both physically and mentally, so I was running on heavy legs by the 200m final.

“It’s nice to see that the hard work that me and my coach, Alex O’Gorman, are putting in is paying off.”

David is part of the Talented Athlete Programme at the University of Hull which helps those at the top of their sport continue to succeed whilst studying at University.

David said: “The Talented Athlete Programme has supported me on my journey over the past three years, providing free access to state-of-the-art gym facilities and funding for training equipment, which has been very beneficial to my progress.”

david morgan harrison on the olympic race course
“It was a tough few days,” said the talented athlete who competed in 6 races throughout the weekend.
Sprinting to victory at this year’s British University Championships.

Tim Purdy, Wellness and Performance Manager at the University, said: “David has really developed as an athlete and person over the last 3 years, using all the support from the talented athlete program to perform within his sport and academically. 

We are really proud of David’s achievements over the last few years and this weekend's success just tops off what he deserves after all his hard work.

Tim Purdy

The Talented Athlete Programme offers a range of benefits and support packages for recipients, including:

  • A tailored financial offer to study at Hull
  • Bespoke strength and conditioning 
  • Physiotherapy and specific movement screening 
  •  Lifestyle and mentoring supported by Team GB 
  • Access to performance workshops 

High-performing athletes are selected each year to be awarded a Talented Athlete Programme scholarship and this is open to all prospective and current students who compete at a regional, national or international level in their sport.

Sporting prowess runs in David’s family, with his brother and Hull graduate, Andy Morgan-Harrison, being a two times British Champion in the 200m sprint event.

To learn more about the Talented Athlete Programme at the University of Hull, read here.

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