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Evidence-based training workshops for professionals on social media use in aftermath of suicide

Suicide bereavement is a unique and distressing situation, with social media usage having the impact to affect this during the grieving process. Workshops for professionals are to be delivered to train those assisting people who are affected in the aftermath of a suicide.

Working in partnership with Humber Coast and Vale Suicide Prevention Partnership, Dr Jo Bell and Dr Chris Westoby from the University of Hull will train professionals on the safe and responsible use of social media in the aftermath of a suicide.

Jo Bell
Dr Jo Bell
Christopher Westoby
Dr Chris Westoby

The uniqueness of these sad situations present their own individual challenges, especially when social media is involved. Dr Jo Bell, a reader and social scientist at the University of Hull, spoke further about the effects: “News of a death by suicide can really explode like a bomb on social media, with the impact being felt around the world.

“Research has shown that social media activity very often prompts multiple users to respond, rapidly sharing posts and publicly discussing the nature and reasons of the death.

“This can have staggering impacts on everyone closely involved and has the potential to increase the risk of further suicides.”

The training will focus on evidence-based knowledge of how social media use can be harnessed to manage trauma, alleviate grief and reach those who need support. There will also be recommendations and guidance for prevention policy and practice.

These workshops, which take place on 20th June and 20th July, will reflect Dr Jo Bell’s and Dr Chris Westoby’s extensive body of work around postvention practice and digital media in the aftermath of a suicide.

Funding has been secured to provide a number of free-of-charge places to these training events:

  • Face-to-face workshops at the University of Hull on 20 June and 20 July 2023.
  • Online interactive workshop 11 July 2023
  • Webinar 28 June 2023

Free places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Reserve your place here, follow the links to the bookings and select the ‘funded delegate’ option.

The workshops are aimed at professionals and practitioners who work in services supporting those affected by suicide. This may include public health, coroners, media professionals, emergency responders, mental health professionals, social workers, funeral directors, pastoral care providers, bereavement services, 3rd sector and voluntary organisations.

To sign up for a face-to-face workshop (which costs £120 including lunch), or any of our other online events please visit Pass Hub.

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