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University announces £60,000 scholarship programme with Compass Hospitality

The University of Hull and Compass Hospitality are pleased to announce a new scholarship programme for students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The scholarships, with a total value of £60,000, are particularly tailored to support students who need financial assistance whilst rewarding those students who have achieved a high standard of academic performance.

The scholarships will also provide recipients with a career path into the hospitality sector through the provision of paid placements with Compass Hospitality in the UK during their vacations and management training/career opportunities in the UK and abroad upon graduation.

Professor Susan Lea, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Hull, said: “The University of Hull is constantly exploring avenues for expanding the opportunities available to our students, and establishing ties with industry has always been an important part of this process.

“We therefore extend our gratitude and recognition to Compass Hospitality for its support of these students, and will look forward to entering into this fruitful and valuable relationship.”

Matthew Welbourn, Executive Vice President of Compass Hospitality UK, said: “We are delighted to be offering these scholarships for students of the University of Hull.

“We have a strong track record of providing scholarships as we believe in the importance of education and welcome the opportunity to play a role in advancing the education and providing job opportunities to deserving students. We are also pleased that this effort will further enhance our already robust staff training and development programmes.”

The scholarships will be launched in January 2021.

For further details about the scholarship and placement opportunities, please contact Dr Ben Butler at

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