National media turn to University critical care expert amid Coronavirus pandemic

As the UK continues to react to the Coronavirus pandemic, national newspapers and broadcasters alike have turned to the expertise of a University of Hull critical care expert.

Nicki Credland, Head of Paramedical, Perioperative and Advanced Practice at the University, has provided invaluable insight into how NHS frontline services are coping with Coronavirus, and the pressures and demands it is placing on health staff.

Nicki, who is also chair of the British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN), has appeared on BBC, ITV and Sky national news channels, along with prominent interviews in national titles including The Sunday Times, Daily MailIndependent and Nursing Times

Nicki- Credland
Nicki Credland on BBC News, 5 March

Speaking live on BBC National News, Nicki said: “The difficulty we face as nursing staff is that coming into a highly technical environment requires a significant amount of training and skill.

“It is not easy to just put in extra staff – they need to be highly trained already. It is also important to remember the psychological impact of looking after significantly sick patients and the impact on nursing staff who will be tired, overworked and will have their own concerns about friends and family.

“The most important message I can send out is keep doing the basics – wash your hands and self-isolate if you think you have any symptoms.”

Nicki- Credland
Nicki Credland on Sky News, 11 March

Nicki, part of the Faculty of Health Sciences team at the University, has also featured on BBC’s Sunday Politics and Politics North shows, and has rapidly become national media’s go-to person to share the views of the nursing profession on the current Coronavirus situation.

Throughout all the interviews she has faced in recent weeks, Nicki has maintained an honest, measured tone.

She has received widespread praise on social media from viewers and readers, and has represented both the University and the BACCN with professionalism and empathy.

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