Dan Parsons comments on impact of Coronavirus on global CO₂ levels

Prof. Dan Parsons, Director at the Energy & Environment Institute, recently commented in response to an article published by the BBC on the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on global air quality levels and CO2 emissions.

He said: “The unprecedented events we are seeing around the world with Coronavirus must serve as a wake-up call for humanity.

“In recent days we have seen the water in Venice’s canals look clearer than in recent memory, and satellite images have shown air pollution levels over China improve, as travel decreases and industry slows.

“At the University of Hull, the Energy & Environment Institute is leading the way when it comes to both understanding the impact of mankind on our planet, and becoming more resilient to climate change and flooding.

“The focus of the world, quite rightly, is currently on protecting people from the impact of Coronavirus. But with some experts predicting that carbon dioxide levels could increase rapidly after the virus has passed, as industry looks to recover, attention must turn to how we make some of the temporary sights we are seeing now, permanent.”

You can see the original BBC article here.

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