Partnerships and collaborations

We’re collaborating with industry and community partners on the big issues that affect all our futures.  Clean energy. A healthy future. Climate change. All huge challenges that we are facing, as individuals, communities and across the globe.

With our specialist knowledge, talented researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, the University of Hull can help your business and our region innovate and grow. Our Innovation Centres make it easy for you to benefit from our expertise and a range of specialist facilities. Find out more about our Knowledge Exchange strategy here.

Partnering with Businesses

We have a long track record of working with industry: sharing goals and ambitions that see businesses – and our region – grow and thrive.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

With the help of Government funding and the University’s expertise, a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) could transform your business.  

Licensing and IP

The University of Hull fosters innovation. Through knowledge transfer, we share the benefits of our world-class facilities and expert academic talent. Our researchers work at the cutting edge. And their ideas have real-world applications in industry - potentially improving products, generating sales and driving growth.

We’re open to collaboration with businesses regionally, nationally or internationally to take our inventions out into industry. We also enter into licence agreements with businesses for technology in our patent portfolio. We’re members of In-Part, and their website lists our available technologies.

To discuss how our expertise can help your business, contact

  • Microfluidic QC Chip for ‘Dose-on-Demand’ Clinical PET
  • Superfast Optical Switchable Memory Device
  • Tissue on a Chip

Assessment and audit services

Through our cross-disciplinary institutes, the University offers a range of assessment and audit services tailored to your business or project.