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PhD Scholarships

Without quality researchers, there can be no quality research.

This is why we invest into PhD scholarships and support you during every step of your research journey. Many of our projects are interdisciplinary and in collaboration with industry.

If you choose to carry out your postgraduate studies with us, you will become part of a vibrant, forward-thinking research community.

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EPSRC/NERC Aura Centre for Doctoral Training in Offshore Wind Energy and the Environment

We need the world’s brightest minds to join us in developing solutions to the environmental and engineering challenges the offshore wind industry is facing. The UK has committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and clean energy produced by offshore wind will be a cornerstone in reaching this target.

The Aura Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Offshore Wind and the Environment is led by the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull with partners Durham, Newcastle and Sheffield Universities. Working closely with over 20 Industry partners, the Aura CDT invites high-quality applications for 4-year taught and research PhD scholarships. These funded PhD opportunities are for exceptional graduates from a range of STEM backgrounds and could unlock a career in this new and innovative industry. 

Find out more and apply by Thursday 31 December 2020 to join Aura CDT Cohort 3

In addition to our Core Scholarships, we have two Industry Partner Scholarships with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult:

Aura CDT & ORE Catapult PhD Scholarship: Array scale sediment transport dynamics

Aura CDT & ORE Catapult PhD Scholarship: Hydrodynamic loading of offshore wind infrastructure

For more information, see

Join our webinar - Wednesday 2 December 2020

We are hosting a free webinar to help you find out more about funded postgraduate research at the Aura CDT. Join us to hear from programme leaders, supervisors, students and potential employers and ask any burning questions at the Q&A. Register here

A "Shake and Use" theranostic system for combined radio-imaging and photodynamic therapy

The aim of the project is to synthesise a candidate “theranostic” agent for advancement to clinical trials. The term theranostic refers to the combination of a THERApeutic component and a diagNOSTIC component in a single molecule, in this case the therapeutic component will be a photodynamic sensitiser, which can destroy tumours when activated with visible light, and the diagnostic component will be a ligand system suitable for binding the positron emitting isotope gallium-68. 

Find out more about A "Shake and Use" theranostic system for combined radio-imaging and photodynamic therapy.

Application deadline: 31 December 2020
The Nerc Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) in Environmental Science

The Nerc Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) is recruiting people with a passion for the environment encompassing three broad themes: Atmosphere and Climate, Earth Processes and the Living World. Panorama prepares the next generation of environmental science leaders for industrial, governmental, NGO and academic careers and provides exceptional training across the range of environmental science in world-class research teams through an innovative, exciting and multi-disciplinary programme.  The programme will equip students with the skills necessary to understand the complex interactions within the Earth system, so they can contribute to the development of scientific, policy and industrial solutions for the national and global scale problems we face in coming decades.

Applications for the main Panorama DTP studentship competition (for October 2021 entry) are now open. The application deadline is Tuesday 5 January 2021, and interviews will take place in late February.

Join our webinar – Thursday 3 December 2020

We are hosting a free webinar to help you find out more about funded postgraduate research at the Panorama DTP. Join us to hear from supervisors, students and researchers and ask any burning questions at the Q&A. Register here

For more information on each of the 11 fully funded DTP PhD research projects based at the University of Hull, and for details on how to apply, please see the links below. 

Systems Thinking for Land Use Policy Making 

Reconciling lethal control of an iconic native species (red deer Cervus elaphus) with nature conservation within a multiple-use landscape 

Nutrigenomics and the resilience of bees in a changing climate 

Assessing the rock record of hazardous pulsatory pyroclastic density currents  

Meltwater channels over ice: Tipping points for planform morphology and evolution

Development and application of a virtual estuary model of the Humber to address 21st century water and sediment management challenges

Uncovering the hidden biodiversity benefits of beavers using environmental DNA 

Developing Chemical Sensors for Environmental Citizen Science

Nanophotonics towards a carbon neutral food production and supply chain 

Investigating the cause of dental disease in the domesticated rabbit using computational biomechanics

New genomic markers for predicting lizard responses to climate change

Application deadline: 5 January 2021

ESRC White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership

The University of Hull is a member of the prestigious Economic and Social Research Council White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership. We are now seeking talented students to join us for a world-class start to your research career by undertaking a funded social science Masters or PhD degree at Hull.

We are delighted to be part of this innovative Doctoral Training Partnership, which is a collaboration between the leading social science departments in the Universities of Bradford, Hull, Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam and York.

Funded and accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council, the partnership distributes funded PhD places to excellent students to train and nurture the next generation of world-class social science researchers with outstanding skills and potential.

Find out more about the ESRC White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership and apply

Application deadline: 27 January 2021 

China Scholarship Council PhD Scholarships

The University of Hull has a long history of participating in the China Scholarship Council (CSC) schemes and we have a number of exceptional Chinese scholars undertaking ground-breaking research with us currently.

This scholarship is for candidates who are Chinese nationals and is available for PhD programmes in a variety of subject areas at the University of Hull.

Applications to study a full-time PhD starting in September 2020 are now open to Chinese PhD students in all subject fields.

Learn more about the CSC PhD Scholarships here.

Commonwealth Scholarships Scheme

The University of Hull has a long history of welcoming high quality scholars through the Commonwealth Scholarships PhD and Taught Masters schemes. We have a number of exceptional Commonwealth scholars undertaking ground-breaking research with us currently.

Many also choose to study through the Taught Masters scholarship programme and then return to take up a Commonwealth PhD scholarship.

Learn more about the Commonwealth Scholarships Scheme here.

Please note: Applications for this scheme are now closed, but will re-open again later in 2020.

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