Without quality researchers, there can be no quality research.

This is why the University of Hull invests into PhD scholarships to attract the best academic talent and further our research endeavours. Many projects are interdisciplinary and/or in collaboration with industry.

If you choose to carry out your postgraduate studies with us, you will become part of a vibrant, forward-thinking research community.

Our postgraduate students are a well-integrated and fundamental part of our research and contribute a great deal to the shaping of the Faculty. We pride ourselves on supporting them and ensuring that they achieve their full potential. In addition to their own research, all PhD students at the University of Hull also complete the  Postgraduate Training Scheme.

University of Hull 2018 PhD Scholarships

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An attentional bias approach to understanding and reducing the psychosocial burden of psoriasis

Fear can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this emotion facilitates detection of danger in the environment and helps the person respond effectively to threatening situations. On the other hand, there is evidence that devoting too much attention to threat-related information can lead to the development of anxiety disorders. The present project will investigate whether such an attentional bias contributes to the psychosocial burden experienced by people with psoriasis. These patients often find themselves trapped in a mutually reinforcing cycle of social rejection triggered by the visible consequences of the disease, avoidance coping and social isolation. The proposed PhD project will investigate whether an attentional bias towards threat-related information contributes to this anxiety-provoking cycle. 

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Enhancing fish and eel migration in rivers through flow field optimisation at control and pumping stations 

Concern over the status of European eel, Anguilla anguilla, stocks is so great that the European Union has legislation (The EC Eel Regulation (1100/2007)) for their protection from human-mediated activities, including entrainment at pumping stations. However, gaps in our knowledge prevent adequate, cost-effective, remediation measures being identified. This studentship is one of six in the REDEEM research cluster (Research and Development of fish and Eel Entrainment Mitigation at pumping stations) that will focus on understanding fish and eel behaviour to minimise entrainment.

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Alan Johnson PhD Scholarship 

The University of Hull is delighted to announce a PhD scholarship commencing in 2018/19. The successful candidate will undertake research in the field of politics and government, and benefit from access to the recently deposited personal papers of Alan Johnson.

Alan Johnson was Member of Parliament for Hull West and Hessle for twenty years (1997-2017) and was a leading figure in the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. His ministerial career included periods as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Trade and Industry, Education and Skills, Health, and, finally, as Home Secretary.

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