Natalie Teal

Natalie Teal


Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • School of Paramedical PeriOperative and Advanced Practice


Natalie is an experienced operating department practitioner who became a permanent member of the operating department practice team at University of Hull in 2015. Previously a clinical practice educator, surgical first assistant and seconded and guest lecturer (since 2010), Natalie was involved in the development of the BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice programme. This steered her to progress and lead the Advanced Practice in Context modules; which can be accessed by experienced registered perioperative practitioners. Natalie also organises and participates in teaching regional anaesthesia clinical skills in local, national and international workshops (UK/Sri Lanka/Nepal/China/India).

BSc Operating Department Practice Teaching on all modules and module lead on - Enhancing Intraoperative Intervention - Enhanced Intraoperative Practice - Enhancing Post-Operative/ Post-Anaesthetic Intervention - Enhanced Post-Operative/ Post-Anaesthetic Practice - Advanced Practice in Context (undergraduate) - Advanced Practice in Context (various practice based Level 6 modules for postgraduate students) Mentorship in Professional Practice - Evidence Based Practice - Evidencing Personal Professional Development