Dr John Dixon

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  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Technology


John Dixon is a computer science researcher, software developer, software engineer and lecturer. He is particularly interested in forming working partnerships with other institutions, businesses, public bodies and individuals.

His current lecturing work at the University of Hull is conducted across undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels, and encompasses lecturing, support, mentoring and scholarship.

John specialises in the areas of networking, connected services and distributed systems, with particular expertise in C# and .NET.

In addition to teaching John works closely with academic, business and industry professionals, managing relationships, contracts, service agreements and intellectual property/non-disclosure agreements for multi-discipline projects. These concern a number of different types of affiliation, including Knowledge Transfer (e.g. KTPs), collaborative research and development, academic partnership and commercial design, development and delivery.

John can offer technical consultation or training and regularly works with children, adults, businesses and public bodies. Alongside his Computer Science expertise, Dr Dixon is trained in, and has experience with: leadership, governance, management, meeting facilitation, project planning, Agile project management, public speaking, teamwork, presentation, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Dr Dixon completed his Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral studies at the University of Hull, where he developed mission critical solutions for the fire and rescue services.

Industry roles have included working as a technical consultant, company director of Learn to Lead CIC, junior developer, lead developer and technical solutions project manager, in charge of multi-million pound projects.

Recent outputs

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Conference Proceeding

Introducing the Emergency Propagated Reference Network (EPRN): A practical and efficient ad hoc network for emergency response

Dixon, J. W. D., & Grey, D. J. (2015). Introducing the Emergency Propagated Reference Network (EPRN): A practical and efficient ad hoc network for emergency response. In 8th International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology (CGAT 2015). , (55-60). https://doi.org/10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.12

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Dixon welcomes applications in ad-hoc networks, MANETS, sensor networks, IoT, network protocols, low-power networking, and computer science education.