Dr Jo Traunter

Dr Jo Traunter

Head of Subject for Education, Childhood and Youth Studies

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of Education


  • EdD (University of Sheffield)


Dr Joanne Traunter is the Education Studies Academic Lead for Childhood and Youth Studies in the School of Education.

Dr Traunter focuses her teaching and research interests in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). She is an experienced lecturer at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in national and international contexts. Jo brings over twenty years of pedagogical experience working in the ECEC sector to her teaching.

Dr Traunter's research focuses on the professional training and identity of the early years workforce both in the Uk and in Sth East Asia. Additional research interests include supporting young children's learning through the creation of environments of inquiry, in particular creative and natural environments.


Play and Learning in Early Childhood Contexts

Early Childhood Education: Curricular and Pedagogical Debates

Recent outputs

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Journal Article

Reconceptualising early years teacher training: policy, professionalism and integrity

Traunter, J. (2019). Reconceptualising early years teacher training: policy, professionalism and integrity. Education 3-13, 47(7), 831-841. https://doi.org/10.1080/03004279.2019.1622498

Muddy knees and muddy needs: parents perceptions of outdoor learning

Parsons, K. J., & Traunter, J. (2019). Muddy knees and muddy needs: parents perceptions of outdoor learning. Children's Geographies, 1-13. https://doi.org/10.1080/14733285.2019.1694637

Muddy knees and muddy needs: parents' perceptions of outdoor learning

Parsons, K., & Traunter, J. (in press). Muddy knees and muddy needs: parents' perceptions of outdoor learning. Children's Geographies, https://doi.org/10.1080/14733285.2019.1694637

Research interests

Early Childhood Education

Professional identity and training in the ECEC workforce

Outdoor learning

Environments of Inquiry in ECEC

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Traunter welcomes applications for supervision in her specialist areas of:

Early Childhood Education and Care

Outdoor learning

Creative Contexts for Young Children's Learning

Teacher Professional Identity

Awards and prizes

Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement


Charity role

Adviser Education Connect Hong Kong


Conference presentation

QESS Project Launch Key Note ( Hong Kong)


A vision for teaching to meet the needs of learners in the 21st Century, changing the directionality of teaching to support student led learning

2018 VTC (IVE) Early Years Conference (Hong Kong)


Early Years STEM Education: A Creative Approach

ECEERA 2017 Bologna


Using Integral Analysis to Examine the Emerging Professional Identity of Early Years

BERA -2015 Belfast


Re-conceptualising Early Years Teacher Training: Policy, Professionalism and Integrity. Symposium contribution with Professor Elizabeth Wood, Professor Jayne Payler, Professor Jan Georgeson and Dr Jo Basford

BECERA 2019 Birmingham


Muddy Knees or Muddy Needs: Parents Perceptions of Outdoor Learning

BERA 2019 Manchester


Tricked by the Trade, Professional Identity in the Emerging Early Years Teacher and the Impact of EYTS

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External examiner London Metropolitan


External Examiner Stafford shire University


External examiner for Stafford shire University for Early Childhood Studies

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Senior Fellow HEA


Associate Member IFL


ECSDN Early Childhood Studies Degree Network


SEFDEY Sector Endorsed Foundation Degree in Early Years


National/International learned society/body role

Trustee National Hemophilia Society


Trustee for the National Hemophilia Association

Scholarship role

Workshop Can Tho University, Vietnam


Delivery of workshop focusing on environmental learning in early childhood