Dr Jie Yang

Dr Jie Yang

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics


  • BSc (Imperial College London)
  • PhD (University of Manchester)


Jie Yang joined the University of Hull in January 2021 as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics. She has a PhD in Systems Biology from the University of Manchester, UK, and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from Imperial College London, UK. Her principal research interests involve the use of applied mathematics for biological applications.

Jie was awarded a NSFC Research Fund for International Young Scientists of 400,000 RMB as PI on a project entitled “An investigation into predictive modelling of the impact of air pollution on China’s disease burden” (Project code: 21750110446) and a NSFC-DFG International Joint Research Programme grant of 2.088 Million RMB as Co-I on a project entitled “Investigation on gas-liquid-solid three phase flow coupled with meso-scale solid-bubble interactions, solid-liquid turbulence and bubble induced turbulence in bubble column reactors" (Project code: 21761132026).

Previously, she was an Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics/ Statistics at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC). Her other previous work experience includes working as a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore investigating the spread of Zika and respiratory diseases, a Research Associate at Imperial College London studying helminth treatment strategies and a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter investigating biofuel production through the use of mathematical modelling.


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