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Dr Gareth Few

Research Fellow

01482 463360

Gareth Few is a computational astrophysicist whose research interests are the formation and evolution of spiral galaxies.

Specifically, he focuses on the processes which shape galaxies, how different chemical elements are distributed within them, and the various processes that determine where stars form.

Gareth’s simulations use some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, without which these sophisticated hydrodynamics models would be impossible.

He is active in science outreach, presenting science talks to schools, science clubs and the public as well as chairing the Beverley Café Scientifique and Hull branch of the British Science Association.



Research Interests

  • Astrophysics

  • Galaxy formation and evolution

  • Galactic chemical evolution

  • Computational simulations

Research groups

  • E A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics

  • Horizon-5




Few C G, Dobbs C, Pettitt A and Konstandin L, 'Testing Hydrodynamics Schemes with Galaxy Disc Simulations', Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 464, 4382 (2016)

Calura F, Few C G, Romano D and D’Ercole A, 'Feedback from Massive Stars and Gas Expulsion from Proto-Globular Clusters', The Astrophysical Journal, 814(1), 14 (2015)

Few C G, Gibson B K, Courty S, Brook C B, Stinson G S and Michel-Dansac L, 'Properties of Simulated Milky Way-mass Galaxies in Loose Group and Field Environments', Astronomy and Astrophysics, 547, 63 (2012)

Few C G, Courty S, Gibson B K, Kawata D, Calura F and Teyssier R, 'RAMSES-CH: A New Chemodynamical Code for Cosmological Simulations', Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 424(1), L11 (2012)

Pilkington K, Few C G, Gibson B K, Calura F, Michel-Dansac L, Mollá M, Matteucci F, Rahimi A, Kawata D, Thacker R J, Brook C B, Stinson G S and Kobayashi C, 'Metallicity Gradients in Disks: Do Galaxies Form Inside-Out?', Astronomy and Astrophysics, 540, 12 (2012)



Research PhDs

Gareth welcomes applications from potential PhD or Masters candidates interested in galaxy simulations and galactic chemical evolution.

Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • MSc Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics (University of Nottingham)

  • PhD, Chemodynamics Adaptive Mesh Refinement Models of Galaxies (University of Central Lancashire)