Cheryl Walter

Dr Cheryl Walter

Lecturer in Microbiology

01482 463185

Cheryl Walter is a a virologist with more than 15 years of experience working on a variety of viruses and virus-host systems.

She graduated with a PhD in Microbiology from Rhodes University in South Africa in 2008 and continued her research at the University of Leeds where she first worked on bunyavirus gene regulation and later on hepatitis C virus-host interactions.

Cheryl has continued her research at the University of Hull with a continued interest in virus-host interactions using both model bunyaviruses and emerging flaviviruses systems.

She has extensive teaching experience both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study.



Research Interests

  • Molecular virology

  • Virus-host interactions

  • Proteomics

  • Antiviral drug discovery

  • Emerging and re-emerging viruses

Research groups

  • Dr Laura Sadofsky, Hull York Medical School - rhinovirus assembly and egress

  • Dr Dan Stratton, School of Life Sciences, University of Hull - microvesicles and viruses

  • Dr Andy Tuplin, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds - zika virus biology

  • Dr Jamel Makouri, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Leeds - enveloped virus assembly and egress


Mankouri J, Walter C T, Stewart H, Bentham M, Parks W S, Fukudu M, Griffin S and Harris M, 'Release of infectious hepatitis C virus from Huh7 cells occurs via a trans-Golgi network to endosome pathway independent of VLDL', Journal of Virology, 90, pp 7159-7170 (2016)

Ariza A, Tanner S J, Walter C T et al, 'Nucleocapsid protein structures from orthobunyaviruses reveal insight into ribonucleoprotein architecture and RNA polymerization', Nucleic Acids Research, 41, pp 5912-5926 (2013)

Carter S D, Surtees R A, Walter C T, Ariza A, Bergeron E, Nichol S T, Hiscox J A, Edwards T A and Barr J N, 'Structure, function and evolution of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus nucleocapsid protein', Journal of Virology, 86, pp 10914-10923 (2012)

Walter C T, Bento D F, Alonso A G and Barr J N, 'Amino acid changes within the Bunyamwera virus nucleocapsid protein differentially affect the mRNA transcription and RNA replication activities of assembled ribonucleoprotein templates', Journal of General Virology, 92, pp 80-84 (2011)

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Programmes taught on

Modules list

Module leader for

  • Clinical Microbiology and Immunology (L5)

  • Medical Microbiology (L6)

Teach on

  • Skills for Biomedical and Human Biology sciences (L4)

  • Biochemistry (L4)

  • Professional and Research skills for Biomedical scientists and Human biologists (L5)

  • 40 credit Healthcare Science research project (L6)

  • 40 credit Independent researcher project (L6)

  • Infection and Immunity (L7)

  • Current topics in Biomedical Science review module (L7)

Research PhDs

Cheryl welcomes applications for both research Masters degrees and PhD studies. She is currently offering a variety of projects involving virus-host interactions, drug repurposing studies and virus assembly and egress.

Teaching awards and accolades

  • PCAP (completion date January 2019)

Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • BSc majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry, Rhodes University, South Africa

  • BSc (Hons) in Microbiology, Rhodes University, South Africa

  • MSc (Res) in Microbiology, Rhodes University, South Africa

  • PhD in Microbiology, Rhodes University, South Africa