Dr Cat Fergusson Baugh

Dr Cat Fergusson-Baugh

Lecturer / Director of Drama

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of The Arts


  • BA (Goldsmiths, University of London)
  • PhD / DPhil (University of Hull)


Cat has been at the University since 2007 and previously held posts at Kent and Warwick. She has worked with computer visualisation since the internet was young and programmes were launched from DOS.

She has made contributions to Channel 4's Lost Buildings series, THEATRON (a virtual theatre resource), and to exhibitions of the work of Craig and Loutherbourg for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the work of Vlastislav Hofman at the Columbus Museum of Art.

More recently Cat's focus has moved to the area of digital performance, developing it as a taught specialism at Hull and contributing to the production of Surfaces of Understanding (Oculus installation) and producing Fellow Prisoners (binaural audio walk).

Cat's teaching currently explores modes of performance that may be shaped by the intervention of digital technologies. Digital and interactive performance, environmental and site specific performance and modes of performance that explore the opportunities offered by modes of gaming.

Recent outputs

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Exhibition / Performance

Vlastislav Hoffman's 1926 Hamlet

Fergusson Baugh, C. Vlastislav Hoffman’s 1926 Hamlet. Exhibited at Columbus Museum of Art. 10 February 2017 - 21 May 2017. (Unpublished)

Journal Article

Notes and Queries... That Wren Drawing

Fergusson-Baugh, C. (2021). Notes and Queries... That Wren Drawing. Theatre and performance design, 21(1-2), 24-38. https://doi.org/10.1080/23322551.2021.1935625

Visualising Process- Hofman's 1926 Hamlet

Fergusson Baugh, C. (2018). Visualising Process- Hofman’s 1926 Hamlet. Theatralia, 21(2), 15-28. https://doi.org/10.5817/TY2018-2-2

Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology

Baugh, C. F. (2018). Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology. Theatre and performance design, 4(1-2), 83-100. https://doi.org/10.1080/23322551.2018.1464843

Research interests

Cat's research explores the ways in which digital technologies offer extended and alternative approaches to the study and development of live performance events. From the methodological impact of visual reconstruction technologies on visual histories to the development 'simultaneous' realities (through developed sound design or augmentation), new technologies offer us different ways of seeing.








NERC Discipline Hopping: Listening to the Grid


NERC Natural Environment Research Council




1 March 2022



Postgraduate supervision

Cat welcomes applications in digital performance, scenography, theatre architecture, computer visualisation.

Committee/Steering group role

Steering Group, DRHA 2006 (Dartington)

2006 - 2006

Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts September 2006 (Dartington) - member of programme team.

Interest Group, London Charter

2001 - 2015

Member of Interest Group. Establishing protocols for computer modelling as research output.

Conference organisation

PQ19 - Scenography of Sound

2019 - 2019

Convened PQ19 (Prage Quadrennial) panel on Scenography of Sound. International public/Industry engagment event.

Conference presentation

Conference presentation, Vlastislav Hoffman's 1926 "Hamlet". Czech and Slovak Scenography for Shakespeare. University of Ohio.

2017 - 2017

Czech and Slovak Scenography for Shakespeare. University of Ohio (Columbus), 2017.

Conference presentation, Reconstructing Hellerau, at "Past Masters" (Centre for Pereformance Research, Aberystwith University, 2003).

2003 - 2003

Presented at "Past Masters" (Centre for Pereformance Research, Aberystwith University, 2003) Analysis and mixed media/computer reconstructions of Appia’s work at Hellerau, with Prof. Richard Beacham, University of Warwick.

Consultancy/Industry advisory role

Consultant, Lost Buildings, Channel 4, 2004.

2004 - 2004

Contributions to Lost Buildings, series (Episodes on Drury Lane Theatre and Westminster Palace) Channel 4, 2004.

Consultant, The Jade Fair, Community Plays Archive and Database (CPAD) 1999.

1999 - 1999

The Jade Fair. Community Plays Archive and Database (CPAD) - Project Consultant. Creation of a CD ROM as an interactive introduction to the archive and database. Examination into the ways in which the computer can be used to record/archive the act of live performance. Funded by Society of Theatre Research/National Heritage.