Dr Caroline Cauchi

Dr Caroline Cauchi

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of Humanities


  • BA (University of Liverpool)
  • MA (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • PhD / DPhil (Liverpool John Moores University)


Dr Caroline Cauchi is an academic and international bestselling author. She writes both historical fiction and experimental fiction (also known as Caroline Smailes). Her acclaimed debut novel, ‘In Search of Adam’, was published in 2007. Since then Caroline has written eight additional novels (including one with eleven endings!), a short story collection, two novellas and a libretto. All of her creative work explores place and the search for identity. The feature film of her novel ‘The Drowning of Arthur Braxton’ premiered at Raindance Film Festival in November 2021, where it was awarded Best UK Feature.

Caroline’s latest historical novel, ‘Mrs Van Gogh’ (HarperCollins), was published in the UK and internationally in 2023. It has been a bestseller in several territories and was selected as a 'Heather's Pick' read in Canada (2023).

Her current academic research focuses on silenced voice and on the wider questions of ways in which women involved in creative pursuits disappeared from historical narratives, and how they are being reimagined in contemporary creative practice. She is especially interested in a novelist’s ethical and moral responsibilities when fictionalizing a real life.

Recent outputs

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Proua van Gogh

Cauchi, C. (2024). Proua van Gogh. Estonia: Tänapäev

Mrs Van Gogh [Canadian edition]

Cauchi, C. (2023). Mrs Van Gogh [Canadian edition]. Toronto: HarperCollins Canada

Mrs Van Gogh [US Edition]

Cauchi, C. (2023). Mrs Van Gogh [US Edition]. New York: HarperCollins US

An der Seite van Goghs

Cauchi, C. (2023). An der Seite van Goghs. Hamburg: HarperCollins Publishers

La signora Van Gogh

Cauchi, C. (2023). La signora Van Gogh. Milan: Piemme

Postgraduate supervision

Caroline welcomes applications in practice-led PhDs in fiction (novel, short story and creative non-fiction). Her specific areas of interest and expertise are:

UK publishing

Novel writing

Short story writing

Novel to film adaptation

Writing experimental fiction

Writing historical fiction

Women involved in creative pursuits who disappeared from historical narratives and how they are being reimagined in contemporary creative practice

Ethical responsibility of fictionalizing real lives


Johanna van Gogh-Bonger

Annie Edson Taylor

Conference presentation


2023 - 2023

Keynote lecture - THE ROLE OF THE CREATIVE IN ADDRESSING THE POLITICAL Craft, Creativity, Critique Postgraduate Symposium 27 – 28 March 2023 Department of English, University of Malta ‘Craft, Creativity, Critique’ was the next instalment in a series of annual symposia organised by postgraduate students with the Department of English at the University of Malta. The conference was open to all local postgraduate students and alumni as well as postgraduate students and postdocs internationally.


Historical Novel Society Review: Mrs Van Gogh

2023 - 2023

A review by the Historical Novel Magazine. 'A tour de force of research, this biographical novel about Vincent Van Gogh and the life of his pictures beyond his own short span is told from the point of view of Johanna Bonger, who becomes the wife of Vincent’s brother, Theo.'