Dr Bernice Wright

Lecturer and Admissions Tutor

01482 466157

Academic Link Tutor, MSc Clinical Applications of Psychology / Year 2 Tutor, BSc Psychology

Dr Bernice Wright joined Hull in January 2018, following a lectureship at Nottingham Trent University and a post-doc and PhD at King's College London (KCL).

Her research interests span the areas of cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and individual differences.



Research Interests

  • How stressors and individual differences affect cognitive performance

  • Ways to improve functional outcome in individuals with schizophrenia

Research groups

  • Member of the cognition and development group, University of Hull

  • Collaborations with academic staff at Nottingham Trent University, University College London, King's College London, Brunel University London, and the University of Bonn.


Kumari V, Antonova E, Wright B, Hamid A, Hernandez E, Schmechtig A and Ettinger U, 'The mindful eye: Smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements in meditators and non-meditators', Consciousness and Cognition, 48, pp 66-75 (2017)

Antonova A, Amaratunga K, Wright B, Ettinger U and Kumari V, 'Schizotypy and Mindfulness: Magical Thinking without Suspiciousness Characterises Mindfulness Meditators', Schizophrenia Research: Cognition, 1-6 (2016)

Wright B, Peters E, Ettinger U, Kuipers E and Kumari V, 'Moderators of noise-induced cognitive change in healthy adults', Noise and Health, 18(82), pp 117-132 (2016)

Wright B, Peters E, Ettinger U, Kuipers E and Kumari V, 'Effects of environmental noise on cognitive (dys)function in schizophrenia: A pilot within-subjects experimental study', Schizophrenia Research, 173(1-2), pp 101-108 (2016)

Wright B, Peters E, Ettinger U and Kumari V, 'Understanding noise-stress induced cognitive impairment and its implications for schizophrenia', Noise and Health, 16(70), pp 166-176 (2014)



Programmes taught on

Modules list

  • Social and Individual Differences 1

  • Brain and Behaviour 1

  • Foundation Data Analysis

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • BSc Psychology, University College London

  • MSc Clinical Neuroscience, King's College London

  • PhD in Academic Research, King's College London

Awards and accolades

  • Academic scholarship at UCL

  • King's College London and Medical Research Council funded PhD