Baseer Ahmad

Lecturer in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • School of Computer Science


  • BSc
  • MSc (University of Bradford)
  • PhD / DPhil (University of the West of Scotland)


Baseer Ahmad, PhD, is an expert in Intelligent Predictive Maintenance with ML/AI. He has a master's degree in IoT with distinction from the University of Bradford. He has a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecom from Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology (SUIT) (Pakistan) in 2015 with distinction, as well as a three-year associate engineering diploma in Electronics from Peshawar Institute of Technology in 2010. His expertise is in embedded electronics systems, IoT, WSN, artificial intelligence, and real-time monitoring using lightweight IoT protocols. Recently, he worked as an Internet-of-Things and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence-KTP Associate at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) on an Innovate-UK (UKRI) funded industrial research project for Hart Lifts Ltd., where he developed a cutting-edge predictive maintenance framework for lifts based on machine learning and artificial intelligence models. In addition, he builds the hardware to an industrial standard for real-time remote monitoring of lift activities and performance of core components according to the UK elevator industry standard, which requires him to make it fire-safe as well as insulate it from all EMI (electromagnetic interference) caused by the lift equipment around it. His designed hardware is capable of working standalone as well as taking information from the lift controller through RS485, CAN, and Modbus protocols. Furthermore, he worked on the Smart Cities and Open Data REuse (SCORE) project, which was funded by the European Commission. He made the air quality, water flow, and rain gauge sensors work in a MeSH network so that they can all connect in challenging situations. He also made the network compatible with LoRaWAN networks so that he could make an IoT solution that could be scaled up.

Recent outputs

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Conference Proceeding

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Model for Rolling Components of a Machine based on Speed and Vibration

Ahmad, B., Mishra, B. K., Ghufran, M., Pervez, Z., & Ramzan, N. (2021). Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Model for Rolling Components of a Machine based on Speed and Vibration. In 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC) (459-464).

Research interests

Predective Maintenance, Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, IoT, Industrial control systems, renewable energy( Monitoring/predective Maintenance), Embedded Systems.

Postgraduate supervision

Predictive maintenance, WSN, Indoor Position systems, Embedded systems, IoT