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Providing businesses and third-sector organisations with practical training on how to apply due diligence and best practice in the recruitment and management of workers across global supply chains.

Tackling labour exploitation is increasingly a priority for businesses, who are faced with new legislative and regulatory requirements as well as pressure from civil society, investors and consumers. Businesses with complex supply chains face particular challenges in identifying and addressing risks of modern slavery.

Our online training programme has been designed to help organisations meet the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and EU Due Diligence laws. Provided free of charge, these bite sized 45-minute training sessions build on the expertise of labour and human rights practitioners who have direct experience of conducting risk assessments and working alongside businesses, NGOs and trade unions to improve living and working conditions of workers worldwide.

Wilberforce Business Academy Training Programme

Is your business looking for practical hands-on advice on addressing key labour issues in your organisations and supply chains? You can sign up for our free 45-minute online training sessions or book the full course.
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