Fairer Future Global Scholarship

The University of Hull is committed to seeking a fairer, brighter, carbon neutral future for all.

Our values are reflected within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a strategy for peace and prosperity for the people and the planet, which is underpinned by the work that the University of Hull provides.

Our commitment to these goals has inspired our portfolio of Fairer Future Global Scholarships, which offer outstanding undergraduate students the opportunity to study a world-changing degree with a 50% tuition fee discount.

Our links to the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals focus on a variety of challenges that our global community faces and these Goals are embedded across our subject areas.

Our students learn to:

  • Support Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions across our Criminology, Law and Politics subjects
  • Understand the need for Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production through subjects such as Financial Management and Environmental Science
  • Support Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being in our Sports Science and Psychology subjects

Whatever subject you study at the University of Hull, the core principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are encapsulated within your teaching.


A 50% tuition fee scholarship for all years of your undergraduate study at the University of Hull is available to 17 successful applicants.

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible for the Fairer Future Global Scholarship, all applicants must:

    • Have received an offer of study for an undergraduate course at the University of Hull.
    • Have not previously studied in the UK at degree level.
    • Be classified as an international student for fee paying purposes.
    • Not be in receipt of financial sponsorship from a government or commercial sponsorship body.
    • Have completed a Fairer Future Global Scholarship application form.
    • Have submitted a reference for the purposes of scholarship selection from a teacher or counsellor from your high school.
  • Restrictions
    • The award applies to international students holding an offer to enter a full-time, Hull-based undergraduate degree programme.
    • This award is for the full duration of undergraduate study, up to the maximum of 3 years.
    • The scholarship is payable as credit against tuition fees only and does not cover living expenses.
    • No application for a scholarship shall be considered without the University of Hull having first received an undergraduate application to study.
    • Scholarship applications must be submitted before the closing date of 31 May 2024 at midnight.
    • Scholarships may only be awarded to applicants satisfying general university, departmental and programme of study regulations.
    • The quality of the answers provided on the scholarship application form will be taken into consideration by the International Scholarships Awarding Committee. The application must be the applicant's own, unassisted work.
    • No guarantee of a scholarship can be made where an applicant indicates that they wish to defer entry beyond September 2024/25.
    • All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary living expenses as required under the UKVI regulations prior to the University issuing a Student Visa certificate of sponsorship.
    • No scholar may hold more than one University of Hull award.
    • If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified in writing. Students must respond to the initial email within 72 hours of being awarded the scholarship. If a response has not been received, the award may be given to another applicant.
“My goal is to become a professional musician. I chose to study music at University of Hull as it provides vocational performance-oriented training and will help me understand the commercial music sector. I want to be industry-ready and I am positive the University of Hull will help me achieve my goals.”
Aishani Kapoor, India
“The University of Hull has a rich heritage of academic excellence in the finance domain. Given this, I could absorb unique theories and practices that only the University can offer. The University of Hull offers you a vibrant student life, a quality education, a top-notch sports hall, and a memorable journey for life.”
Van Nam Hoang, Vietnam
“I chose my subject based on my dream of advancing my research into intelligence and consciousness. The University of Hull offers a great course that tackles specific topics and areas that I find very valuable for achieving my end goal and furthering my educational and occupational skills.”
Lorenzo Garduno Roqueni, Mexico
BSc Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Arts, Cultures and Education

The Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education has a strong history of supporting the Sustainable Development Goals through ongoing research and innovation.

By integrating these goals into their everyday work, the Faculty understands that the need for gender equality worldwide can only be achieved by providing quality education for all. In order to achieve decent work and economic growth, there must be peace, justice and strong institutions. Studying within this faculty will enable students to interpret these principles and contribute to their impact.

"Our students benefit from pioneering courses and cutting edge facilities. I welcome Fairer Future Global Scholarships candidates to drive positive change and shine a light on the world around us."

- Dr Darren Mundy, Dean of Faculty

Business, Law and Politics

The Faculty of Business, Law and Politics at the University of Hull is internationally renowned, and several of our Business degree programmes are globally accredited. Many modules are designed with the Sustainable Development Goals at their core, with sustainability, justice and equality being major themes across all of our degree programmes. With a progressive curriculum and academic support from experts in their field, our students are given the right tools to make a positive future for all.

"The mission of our Faculty of Business, Law and Politics is to be impactful and to ensure that we prepare all of our students for tomorrow’s world. We therefore achieve this through our hands-on, practical teaching and problem-solving approach. To that end, our Fairer Future Global Scholarships candidates can look forward to an unforgettable experience with us here at Hull."

- Professor Stephen Hardy, Dean of Faculty

Health Sciences

Students within the Faculty of Health Sciences are given the facilities and guidance to be able to carry the values of the Sustainable Development Goals into their university work and beyond, helping them to tackle the biggest health problems facing global society today. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development around the world.

"We are currently facing some of the biggest health challenges. Fairer Future Global Scholarship applicants who join our Faculty will be supported in tackling the challenges.

"Together, we will make a real difference for the future wellbeing of people across the globe".

- Deborah Robinson, Dean of Faculty

Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering embodies many of the United Nations’ environmentally-focused Sustainable Development Goals. With its dedicated institutes for estuarine and coastal environments, and aquatic resource management and conservation, the Faculty has been focusing its efforts on seeking a fairer, carbon-neutral future for many years. Students who study with us will learn how understanding and caring for our planet can also help to reduce inequalities and poverty across the world. 

"We foster a supportive environment that facilitates excellent multi-disciplinary learning. Fairer Future Global Scholars will be empowered to deliver real impact, address global challenges and change lives."

- Professor Philip Gilmartin, Dean of Faculty

BEng Biomedical Engineering advances healthcare and innovation by improving health and wellbeing, fostering technological innovation and reducing inequalities.
Sustainable Development Goals 3, 9 and 10
BA Business and Economics drives economic growth, reduces inequality and encourages responsible business conduct.
Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8 and 12
BA Criminology promotes justice and peace, addresses inequalities and justice by reducing inequality and fostering peace, justice and strong institutions.
Sustainable Development Goals 10 and 16
BSc Psychology contributes to well-being and mental health awareness, promoting good health and reducing inequalities.
Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 10
BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition equips graduates with skills in nutrition and exercise science, improving physical health and well-being.
Sustainable Development Goal 3
BA Philosophy encourages critical thinking and ethical reflection, contributing to peace, justice, and quality education and promoting a peaceful and inclusive society.
Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 16