Allam Sport Centre

Sport, Health and Exercise Science Facilities

Students studying Sport, Health and Exercise Science at Hull benefit from some of the country's leading specialist facilities.

Our £1.5 million Health and Human Performance Lab boasts the sector's latest and most innovative technology. The University of Hull has also invested millions of pounds in new sporting facilities including £17 million into developing our superb campus sports centre.

Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Facilities
Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab

Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory

Our teaching lab is where students learn the fundamental practical skills of exercise physiology.

Students have a wealth of learning opportunities, spanning their whole degree. They will learn how to conduct and analyse data from key physiological parameters; substrate utilisation, minute ventilation, oxygen uptake, blood glucose and lactate, heart rate and blood pressure, both at rest and during (sub)maximal exercise.

The Lab is used by all undergraduate students on the Sport & Exercise Science, Sport & Exercise Nutrition and Sports Rehabilitation programmes.

It provides you with hands-on experience, using the latest equipment to evaluate a wide range of measures, from health to maximal aerobic capacity.

Sport rehabilitation

Sport Rehabilitation Suite

We have two sports rehabilitation teaching suites based on our campus, each providing students with spaces for practical skills labs, group-based seminars and a student-led Sports Injury Clinic.

Each of the suites - located in our Washburn building - is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic treatment plinths, lecture capture cameras and specialised rehabilitation equipment to support teaching on the Sport Rehabilitation programme.

students using the Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory

Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory

This facility features a wide range of high-spec equipment including automated spectrophotometers, micro-plate readers, a haematology analyser, blood lactate and glucose analysers, a blood gas/electrolyte analyser, and a treadmill capable of speeds up to 40km/h with a 30% incline.

This equipment is used with recovering patients, 'normal' participants and elite athletes. Students also use the lab to take part and assist in research projects being carried out by our expert staff.

The Physiology Lab is mainly used by Postgraduate students - however, undergraduate students on our Sports & Exercise Science and Sport & Exercise Nutrition programmes may have the opportunity to support Postgraduate students in their studies, or use the lab as part of their final dissertation.

Health and Human Performance Laboratory

The £1.5 million Health and Human Performance Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility for teaching, research and sport science support in the field of biomechanics.

Students learn to use the equipment to conduct detailed analyses of sports movements, focusing on performance enhancement and injury prevention.

The lab has been equipped to a high standard with a 10 camera high-speed 3D motion capture system linked to five integrated AMTI and Kistler force plates.

It also features 16 channel wireless EMG, a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, an EquiTest analyser for dynamic posturography and a strength and conditioning area.

Undergraduates on our Sport & Exercise Science and Sport Rehabilitation programmes will all use our Biomechanics Lab.

Health and Human Performance Lab
Sport Environment chamber

Environmental Chamber

Our Environmental Chamber is one of very few in the country large enough to accommodate a whole sports team - not just one individual athlete.

The Chamber can control temperature from minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity between 10 and 90%, and it can simulate altitude up to 8,000 ft - equivalent to ~15.5% O2.

It contains a motorised h/p/cosmos treadmill and other equipment designed to measure core body temperature and cardiorespiratory function in response to exercise, temperature (and humidity) and altitude respectively.

Currently, final-year students on our Sport & Exercise Science programme who choose the optional module ‘Training & Performance in Extreme Environments’ will benefit from the Environmental Chamber.

Performance Analysis Suite

Our Performance Analysis Suite enables us to record and analyse sporting performances via video footage.

Analysts use Apple iMac and MacBook Pro computers and Catapult Vision software to tag key events during performances.

Our staff and students have been using it to help football and rugby clubs, including Hull City, Hull KR and Hull FC to track individual and team performances during matches.

Undergraduate students on our Sports Coaching & Performance Science programme will also have the chance to use the Suite.

Sports performance analysis

Services and Consultancy

The student-led Sports Injury Clinic is a specialist clinic for university, staff, students and members of the public to access for injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

There are two dedicated treatment rooms and a dedicated Rehabilitation Suite. The Rehabilitation Suite has an abundance of exercise based rehabilitation equipment so we can treat injuries from their acute onset, right up to return to play.

It is available to both current students, members of the public and staff for the treatment of sports injuries.

For further information, email

Our Sport Science Support Unit provides students with a variety of services - including skinfold measurements (%body fat), dietary analysis, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and lactate/anaerobic threshold.

All of these use the latest scientific methods, helping students monitor and understand their body and performance outputs.

These physiological tests can be conducted either in the field or a laboratory environment to suit your requirements (i.e. running/cycling).

Using our extensive facilities and expertise, we provide consultancy services to help businesses and sports organisations improve performance.

View full details of our services and book or for further information, please email

Allam Sports Centre

New Campus Sports Facilities

As a Hull student, you will have access to our superb facilities in The Allam Sport Centre.

Following a £17m investment, our new sports centre features a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning suite, a 120-station fitness suite and a 12-court sports facility - including international-standard netball courts - to make the University the regional hub for netball.

A new football hub - created with support from the Premier League and the Football Association - includes the region's only third generation (3G) artificial grass pitch to meet international standards for both football and rugby.

Ladies Varsity Hockey
Lucy Mcintosh, Sports Rehabilitation