Mechanical Engineering Facilities

Get hands-on with Mechanical Engineering using our specialist facilities

FabLab digital manufacturing space

When you label something Fab, it had better be good. We think our FabLab lives up to its billing.

The FabLab is a communal space where engineering students can get hands-on with the latest digital manufacturing and engineering technologies.

Inside, you'll find a comprehensive suite of technologies, ranging from our large pool of entry level FDM 3D printers, to more advanced Industry specification FDM machines, multiple high-resolution SLA machines and our showcase multi-material Polyjet 3D printer.

Take a look around the FabLab on our Virtual Tour.

Coronavirus face guard production in Engineering FabLab
Coronavirus face guard production in Engineering FabLab
MechEngFacilities Engineering FabLab
Coronavirus face guard production in Engineering FabLab

Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Our workshop gives you the means to safely learn how to use machinery such as lathes, milling machines, pillar drills, CNC machines, as well as a variety of hand tools, during supervised first year sessions leading on to the manufacture of a group design project in your second year. This progression means you will be skilled enough to manage and manufacture your own third year project using the workshop if you wish to do so.

MechEngFacilities Charlotte Urwin MEng Grad
Charlotte Urwin

Robotics Lab

Our robotics lab is home to a range of humanoid Baxter and Nao robots, our 3D-printed robot MARC (Multi-actuated Robotic Companion), as well as swarm and other robots.

Baxter the Robot in Mechatronics Lab with Student Robert Ashton
When I came into the workshop, that was the moment I said to myself that I have to come here and study".
John Beany Nikolaos Aronis, Charlie Ward - Formula Student

Nikolaos Aronis

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Nikolaos Aronis, MEng Mechanical Engineering

Hull Electric Racing Team (HERT) Formula 1 Simulator

Hull Electric Racing Team Simulator

As a member of the HERT, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art simulators to develop a winning car and hone your engineering and driving skills.

The £100,000 investment allows the team to compete against other universities in virtual races as well as programme in race circuits and try out different scenarios to fine-tune their car on track days.

On race days, data can be gathered from the vehicle to send back to a team of engineers at the University, who can run live tests and direct adjustments to the car in real time.

Built by UK-company Axsim, the simulator uses the latest technology to help create the sensation of G-Force experienced by F1 drivers.

The simulators are formed from a real F1 mould which positions the driver in the exact seating position of a real formula car. The steering wheel and hydraulic pedals are configured to communicate with the software for a true-to-life experience.

The seat and belts have pneumatic pressure modules to provide sustained g-cueing. Multiple airbags expand and contract to provide sustained pressure, simulating the g-forces felt when cornering, braking and accelerating.

Billed by the manufacturers as 'as close as you can get to the real thing', The technology behind it was developed to train fighter pilots and has been supplied to F1 teams and professional drivers.

Find out more about HERT.

Career-ready skills

You’ll work with industry-standard software such as MatLab, Solidworks, ANSYS to develop the skills you’ll need in your engineering career. You’ll also have access to dedicated Engineering computer spaces, 24 hours a day so you can study at a time to suit you.

Jack Jamieson
MechEngFacilities 3D Printer

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