Computer Science Facilities

A HIVE of activity

When you join us, you get access to the latest industry-standard facilities. High performance cloud computing systems, 3D projection, VR devices, laser scanning, motion capture, humanoid robots … It’s all here. And it’s all for you.

Living the dream

The Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE) offers a virtual reality cube, VR theatre, gigapixel wall facilities and wearable devices. We also have three motion capture environments for drones and VR, AR and MR applications.

Hive Montage Image 01
HIVE cube
Computer Science Superlab


Our Computer Science Superlab has been fully refurbished as part of a significant investment in high-performance work stations, servers and social spaces. The Superlab has around 150 seats and is used for tutorials, workshops, extra-curricular activities and is open to students outside of teaching hours.

Martin Davies - Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering

“Hi, I’m MARC.”

Our new robotics lab is home to a range of humanoid robots, including Baxter, Nao and MARC (Multi-Actuated Robotic Companion), as well as swarm and other robots.

Coronavirus face guard production in Engineering FabLab

Fab by name, fab by nature

The FabLab has more than 20 3D printers, as well as laser scanners and cutters.


All fun and games

You’ll find console dev kits for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more in the Wilkes Laboratory.

Mac or PC, you’re all welcome here

We support Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and cloud-based systems with a mix of hardware, virtual machines and emulators.

Try Computer Science for yourself

Want to create the next generation of software? Or develop apps or computer games for a living? Or even set up your own tech business one day? Whether you’re already an accomplished programmer or an absolute beginner, you’ll open up all these careers and more with a Computer Science degree at Hull.