the ferris wheel at hull fair

Why Hull Fair is my new Autumn Motivator


Hayley Elahee

BSc Computer Science

Picture the scene: the trees are growing their orange glow; you’ve been considering wear a jacket to your lectures; you’ve had enough time to reflect on how freshers broke your bank, and you’ve started making friends.

Well, it sounds to me like it’s about the time the much-loved Hull Fair rolls around.

one of the rides at hull fair

For those of you who are new to this (or somehow haven't been through your time at uni), Hull Fair is a travelling funfair that arrives every year around October time. It is super old and super infamous round these ends. The closest I can think to compare it would be Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London (but think way more local and super cosy).

Vendors come internationally with all types of fun activities. You can find it all, from sweet shops and food to - of course - rides. It’s a staple of Hull's student experience and by far a yearly tradition for hundreds. I know for myself each year it comes around the period that my assignments start coming out and university starts getting a bit more challenging, so it’s a great opportunity for me to round up a few of my favourite people and head out for a night of chillness.

It’s visited by a lot of societies because it’s the first big seasonal event for people to come together for, and it can be a nice way to meet people in the society if you haven’t been into the socials yet. I personally found Hull Fair to be a life saver for me last year, as I was so invested in staying on top of my studies I realised I hadn’t joined any of the societies I wanted to join. I ended up hopping along to the Hull Fair Trip and meeting an awesome bunch of peeps and going on a bunch of rides.

students at a food stand at hull fair

Now I truly have a place in my heart for Hull Fair. It's cheap, it's fun, it's annual, and most importantly it’s got so much damn food. I mean I am a food addict, but when I say it’s crazy how much variety and choice they have...

As I have said, I do love Winter Wonderland. But as each year goes on and I go back home to visit Winter Wonderland, I can’t help but notice how painfully expensive it gets over time. I’m not going to say Hull Fair is completely cheap but £3 for a fair ride? I am sure as hell not complaining. I have a slight but serious addiction to fresh donuts and around this time of year that addiction multiples by 10 (I’m gonna blame the weather). Either way, I scour the areas for fresh donuts and I will gladly admit Hull Fair never fails to impress - whether it be chocolate-sauced or powdered, Hull fair donuts will get me out of the house. I would not be able to humanly stress enough how bad I want you all to go and try these fresh hot donuts, they melt in your mouth and are an absolute bargain.


Moving on from my tangent about how amazing the food is, I really want to press on about how good Hull Fair is for getting out and about. Now let me tell you from experience, it can be really easy to find yourself staying on campus and occasionally trotting down Newland Avenue. Although these places are great (I can confirm I spend most my time here), nothing beats finding amazing new places. The parks and areas around university are hidden gems for picnics, strolls and bike rides but sadly we don’t hear about them much. I challenge you to just wander for a while, look for a shop you love in the city or simply take a bus ride and stop at somewhere that intrigues you!

Going to Hull Fair really allowed me to get a bigger picture of my surroundings, and we ended up in areas I never even knew existed. Even if you’re not keen on the fair itself, try going to explore some new areas - what are the takeaways in the area like? Did you find any shops you want to visit another day? I am almost certain that something will pique your interest!

the ferris wheel at hull fair

Well, I feel as though I have efficiently displayed just how fun Hull Fair can be, and I now give you my blessings to eat, ride and play as much as you can. Have fun meeting new people and trying new things, and when it's all over, go back home relive the pretty lights and tasty bites through your aesthetic photos.

Oh and remember - whatever you miss out this time, have a go at next year!

Love from your friendly third year, Hayley !