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Uni stress, uni anxiety, and ways to keep your cool


Hayley Elahee

BSc Computer Science

Hey there! I’m Hayley, I’m a second-year computer science student.

Today I’m here to give you some quick tips regarding the stress and anxiety surrounding university and how I managed to cope!

Exam calm
Hayley shares her top tips with us for managing anxiety and stress before starting uni

Number One

Don’t assume that everyone else is perfectly happy and stress free!

Many students struggle with the anxiety and stress of coming to uni, and it's not rare for people to seek support from each other! Join your university group chat, find out who the other people in your accommodation are, join the applicant groups and start talking to others - you’ll see we all felt the same at the start!

Number Two

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million and one times but allow me to directly tell you: sorting out and approving all your student finance as soon as possible will be a major relief and a huge weight off of your shoulders.

Although right now it might just seem like extra paperwork and forms, when the time comes and everyone is discussing their finance coming in you’ll be so grateful you did it in plenty of time.

A male student sits outside the Library, looking at a laptop and drinking a coffee
Joining university group chats can help you find like-minded people

Number Three

One of the key ways I found myself being able to really tackle the nervousness I was feeling was getting crafty.

I used the summer to prepare for university and also teach myself to make polymer clay jewelry! It was a really rewarding hobby, and a practice that I even use at university now when I’m feeling overwhelmed!

Number Four

A big tip I wish I told myself (which is slightly more specific) - if you are moving away from home onto campus, start looking up familiar locations close to where you are staying. I’m from London so bubble tea is one of my major comforts. Hence, finding a bubble tea shop nearby really made me excited to go!

Planet Coffee, Newland Avenue
Start searching for comfort locations early

Number Five

I found myself in a pretty annoying predicament when I moved into my accommodation - I realized I had prepared all my belongings but completely forgot I would need to eat for my first few days!

So allow me to advise you to avoid any unnecessary move-in stress! Maybe grab some essential foods while you’re still moving in or buying you last bits and bobs!

Thanks Hayley for a the pointers about managing stress
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