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Tips for staying relaxed ahead of results day

Emily Johnson, Criminology

Emily Johnson


Criminology student Emily Johnson shares her top tips for staying calm ahead of results day.

Emily Johnson, Criminology
Emily Johnson, Criminology Student

Tips for staying relaxed ahead of results day

Keep your mind occupied and distracted. There’s nothing you can do to change what is in that envelope and overthinking will only lead to excess stress!

Manifest positive vibes and hope for the best, but allow yourself the knowledge that “whatever will be, will be”. Until you know your results it might feel like you can’t take any next steps.

If you are the type of person who can’t ignore it, and feels that talking is the best way for you to manage your stress, meet up with your friendship groups. You’re all in it together! It’s also the perfect way to spend time together before you travel to different parts of the country for uni.

Remember that you’ve done everything you can and you should be really proud of yourselves!

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Manifest positive vibes and hope for the best!

Tips for the lead up to uni

Don’t leave everything until last minute! There’s important things that need sorting out as soon as possible. Student finance, accommodation and packing are up at the top of the list. Make the transition as smooth as possible by being as prepared as you can.

Spend time with your friends from home - soon enough you will go in different directions and you will miss them! Make the most of it whilst you can. The same goes for spending time with your family.

Join the Facebook groups and chats for your course and accommodation. This is brilliant foot-in-the-door for meeting new people and finding out what’s going on!

Spend time with your friends and family before you set off!
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