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Recapping the First Few Weeks of University


Hayley Elahee

BSc Computer Science

A new year of university is always a nice feeling.

It’s a new year to smash achievements, meet new people, try new things and have more fun. I’m going to take some time today and just recap all the good times from the first few weeks of my new university year.

Now let me rack the back of my brain (look I can’t even remember the last thing I ate for dinner...) and let’s get down to it.

student hayley elahee sitting on the bandstand
Hayley looks back over the first few weeks of her third year

Everyone who knows me knows there is nothing I love more than settling in. So much so that when university time comes, I always make sure that I leave London a few weeks early. I feel like this allows me a few days to get back into my groove, adjust to wherever I’m moving into and generally just set myself up for the rest of the year! This year I was actually even able to bag a job with the Union by hanging around in the late summer and I couldn’t have been happier.

Honestly even if part time jobs and things like that aren’t that tempting to you, it’s a great chance to get adjusted into university life! Even the students' union have you covered, they make sure to put on small and simple events early in September for anyone that’s around! It’s a really nice way to meet some new faces and shake some new hands before the hustle and bustle of fresher’s week!

Fresher's week can be really busy, so make sure you're settled in early!

I’m in my third year now, getting ready to do my masters. Although I am not the biggest fans of inductions, one thing I'm grateful that I did is look around for the buildings and rooms on my timetables. Especially this year, I had more buildings to find than ever that I’ve never seen or been to! I took my flatmate, grabbed us both a coffee and we went room hunting.

Granted it wasn’t the most fun activity, but there were multiple times in the first few weeks that I walked over to my building and had classmates ask me if I knew where I was going, with minutes to spare might I add. So yes, not the most fun but very very rewarding!

Students walking on campus
Finding your classrooms early can help you and your classmates get to lectures on time

Hull is awfully natural, guys. I’m not saying I’ve never seen nature but honestly, I literally spent like 5 days wandering in parks and woods in the area! I grabbed my crochet stuff, took a bus and headed down to the park, sat on one of the benches and literally watched the birds and crocheted. It was possibly my favourite part of the week… I think freshers is such an exciting and crazy time that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. Make sure you take the opportunity and chance to just get away from everything and have a moment to yourself. I even packed myself a lunch and spent my whole afternoon out there enjoying the scenery. Also, the weather was amazing so there is always that!

a park in the city of hull
If things get too busy, grab your lunch and head to a park!

Now last but not least, I managed to snag a job at the union this year, meaning that I spent a lot of Welcome Week working away. A lot of my shifts were lucky enough to be spent working on the 'Give it a Go' events, meaning a lot of my middays were spent mug-painting, jewellery-making and even at the Deep. There’s nothing like taking a day trip to the Deep with a group of new friends and just bonding for a few hours. There were so many times I dragged my flat mates to events I was working on just because it’s a nice way to spend a few hours together before things inevitably get crazy with term starting.

This year was a really chill and relaxed freshers and I don’t think I would have had it any other way!