Field Trips: UK & Overseas

Egypt, Mallorca, Brazil, Yorkshire! Just some of the destinations you could be exploring during your degree.

Field trips are an essential component of our Biological and Marine Sciences degrees at Hull.

Our location inside the Yorkshire Nature Triangle gives you easy access to some of the UK’s most important habitats, such as the shores of the Humber and the stunning Yorkshire coast.

Throughout your degree there will be lots of opportunities to take part in fieldwork and field-to-lab activities. Depending on which modules you choose, you may find yourself learning to dive, engaging in practical conservation, surveying rocky shores or carrying out Phase 1 habitat surveys.

Fieldwork mountains
Field Trips at Hull

We keep it local to begin, taking advantage of the amazing locations on our doorstep such as the sheer white cliffs of Flambrough Head and the stunning peninsula of Filey Brigg. Then there’s Bempton Cliffs near the seaside town of Bridlington - home to one of the UK's top wildlife spectacles. Between March and October, around half a million seabirds gather here to raise a family on the towering chalk cliffs which overlook the North Sea.

The chance to take a big trip comes as part of your final year of study. This is when you’ll have the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills you have learned in UK settings and apply it further afield in locations such as Mallorca, Brazil or Egypt. Each of these trips has a different flavour to suit the interests of those taking part.


This is one of our flagship trips. You’ll travel to the country’s largest remaining Atlantic rainforest reserve near Rio de Janerio, where we team up with a local university to study the amazing flora and fauna in this biodiversity hotspot. This trip suits those interested in tropical forest ecology, bats, birds, and insects. You’ll get the chance to study animals such as the green-backed trogon, white-headed marmoset and the glasswing butterfly.

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monkey in brazil
students on a field trip in brazil


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This trip is for those who want to learn scientific diving techniques. You’ll get to explore a coral reef and survey the myriad of marine organisms living in such a habitat. Recent destinations for this trip include the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, as well as the Caribbean. Next, we are scheduled to go to Egypt’s Red Sea coast, where the diving is just as spectacular but the air miles are lower.

Watch: Our 2019 field trip to Malaysia


Mallorca is favoured by those interested in the environment and Mediterranean ecosystems. Based in the north of the island, the trip covers marine to coastal areas, wetlands to mountains and explores the diversity, ecology and environmental impacts evident on the island’s endemic fauna and flora.

students on mallorca field trip

Malham Tarn


For those interested in UK ecology, we have a free residential trip to the Field Studies Centre in Malham Tarn. This trip focuses on core skills for UK-based ecology careers and is accredited by the Field Studies Council. On this trip, you’ll learn all about the ecology and environmental science of the region’s spectacular limestone pavement and surrounding areas.

Most overseas field trips run in the summer between the second and third year. There is an extra charge but the trips are subsidised by the Department. The destinations listed above are where we currently go but these may change depending on events.

Our field trips offer amazing experiences, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are a glorified holiday. These are academic trips. You’ll work hard but you’ll have a great time.

Interested in joining us on one of our field trips?