Stuart McLelland MSP_7788

Dr Stuart McLelland

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 465007

Stuart's research focuses on physical modelling of flow processes and sediment transport dynamics. His main interests are in river dynamics, but sediment and water are everywhere so he works across a range of scales and studies estuarine and coastal environments. Stuart manages research in the Total Environment Simulator (TES) which is a world-class experimental facility, operated by the University of Hull. The TES is designed for modelling environmental fluid and sediment dynamics across with flow, waves and rainfall in conjunction with a suite of laser and acoustic measurement equipment.


Research Interests

- Physical modelling of river, estuarine and coastal flow processes and sediment transport dynamics.

- Application of laser and acoustic flow measurement techniques.

- Developing new techniques for physical modelling of ecohydraulics.

- Modelling environmental impacts on the seabed associated with offshore wind energy.

- Developing research in Natural Flood Management.

Research groups

- Member of the Modelling Environmental Systems Research Group at the University of Hull.

- Member of the management team for HYDRALAB+ ( which is a EU-funded Infrastructure programme funded through Horizon2020. There are more than 25 participants from throughout the EU.

- Member of the British Society for Geomorphology (


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van der A, D.A., van der Zanden, J., O'Donoghue, T., Hurther, D. Cáceres, I., McLelland, S.J; Ribberink, J.S 2017. Large‐scale laboratory study of breaking wave hydrodynamics over a fixed bar, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 122, 4, 3287-3310.

Marra, W. A., McLelland, S. J., Parsons, D. R., Murphy, B. J., Hauber, E., and Kleinhans, M. G. 2015. Groundwater seepage landscapes from distant and local sources in experiments and on Mars, Earth Surf. Dynam., 3, 389-408.

Robert E. Thomas, R.E., Johnson, M.E. Frostick, L.E. Parsons, D.E. Bouma, T.J., Dijkstra, J.T. Eiff, O. Sylvie, G. Henry, P-Y. Kemp, P. McLelland, S.J. Moulin, F.Y. Myrhaug, D. Neyts, A. Paul, M. Penning, W.E. Rice, S.P. Puijalon, S. Stanica, A. Tagliapietra, D. Tal, M. Tørum, A. Vousdoukas, M.I. (2014) Physical modelling of water, fauna and flora: Knowledge gaps, avenues for future research and infrastructural needs. Journal of Hydraulic Research. 52, 3, 311-325.

McLelland, S.J. (2013) Coherent secondary flows over a water-worked rough bed in a straight channel. in Venditti, J.G., Best, J.L., Church, M. and Hardy, R.J. Coherent Flow Structures at the Earth’s Surface, Wiley, Chicester, 275-287.


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

16881 Exploring Worlds Around Us

16206 Field Study (Tenerife)

16761 Catchment to Coast

16934 River Processes and Management

Research PhDs

I welcome any PhDs in the area of experimental modelling, fluvial sediment transport and natural flood management.

Current PhD supervisions 

Laura-Beth Jordan - Wake Development Downstream from Tidal Stream Turbines. UoH – McLelland (P) and Parsons (S). Started 02/2014

David N Jordan - The influence of vegetation on fluvial morphodynamics and flood risk. UoH - Parsons (P) and McLelland (S). Started 09/2012

Sergio Duran Catastrophic Floods on Mars UoH - Catastrophic Flows Cluster - Coulthard (P) and McLelland (S). Started 09/2016

Bas Bodewes Scaling flood events and ecohydraulics in experimental models UoH - Catastrophic Flows Cluster - McLelland (P) and Parsons (S). Started 09/2016

Robert Houseago - Coastal system resilience under increased storminess UoH - Catastrophic Flows Cluster - Parsons (P) and McLelland (S). Started 09/2016

Professional highlights

External roles

External Examiner for Physical Geography at Bath Spa University