Dr Kevin Fancey


Faculty of Science and Engineering


01482 465071

Kevin Fancey has enjoyed working in various areas of industrial and academic research relating to physics and engineering, including acoustics (audiology), combustion (ignition systems), rheology (food gels) and display technology.

At Hull, he has worked in surface engineering (hard coatings, thermal barriers) and the fundamentals of glow discharges and plasma-based coatings / treatments processing.

Most recently, he has focused on viscoelastically prestressed polymeric composites and he also collaborates with colleagues in areas involving materials development, including air-conditioning (evaporative cooling), medical and chemical engineering.


Research Interests

  • Viscoelastically prestressed polymeric matrix composites

  • Viscoelastic phenomena

  • Indirect evaporative cooling systems


K S Fancey, 'Viscoelastically prestressed polymeric matrix composites: An overview', Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 35, pp 1290–1301 (2016)

B Wang and K S Fancey, 'A bistable morphing composite using viscoelastically generated prestress', Materials Letters, 158, pp 108-110 (2015)

K S Fancey, 'A mechanical model for creep, recovery and stress relaxation in polymeric materials', Journal of Materials Science, 40, pp 4827-4831 (2005)

K S Fancey, 'A coating thickness uniformity model for physical vapour deposition systems: overview', Surface and Coatings Technology, 71, pp 16-29 (1995)

K S Fancey and A Matthews, 'Metal clusters in ion plating', Applied Physics Letters, 55, pp 834-836 (1989)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

  • Fundamentals of Medical Engineering

  • Design & Manufacture

  • Materials Selection, Design & the Environment

  • Statistical & Reliability Engineering

  • Statistical Methods & Reliability Engineering

  • Advanced Materials & Processing

Also involved with

  • Introduction to Design and Mechanical Engineering Practice

  • Engineering Global Challenge I

  • Final year project supervision

Research PhDs

Applications relating to viscoelasticity and composite materials would be considered.

Completed PhDs

  • A Davison, Plasma diagnostic studies of DC ion plating discharges: Influence of discharge and vapour characteristics on coating deposition (2003)

  • A Fazal, Polymer fibre composites: Investigation into performance enhancement through viscoelastically generated pre-stress (2014)

  • B Wang, Viscoelastically prestressed composites: Towards process optimisation and application to morphing structures (2016)

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Applied Physics, Brunel University

  • MSc (by research) in Surface Engineering, University of Hull

  • PhD in Plasma Assisted Physical Vapour Deposition, University of Hull

Awards and accolades

  • CEng, MIMMM, Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Professional highlights

Kevin Fancey is not someone who likes to write self-congratulatory profiles.