Dr Jean-Sebastien Bouillard

Lecturer in Physics

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences


+44 (0) 1482 465414

Jean-Sebastien joined the University of Hull in 2014 and his research focuses on using plasmonic systems to enhance optoelectronic devices and for novel biological applications.

He became a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Queen’s University Belfast in 2007 before joining Prof A Zayat's group at Kings College London as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in 2010.

Jean-Sebastien developed near-field optical instrumentation and worked on plasmonic nanostructures and optoelectronic devices.

In European projects PLEAS and PLASISIR, he explored the potential use of plasmonics to enhance optoelectronic devices, specifically LEDs and photodetectors, in collaboration with CSEM, OSRAM, Sagem, Xenics and Vigo Systems.


Research Interests

  • Nanophotonics / plasmonics
  • Optoelectronics and optical devices
  • Optical diagnostic and treatments

Research groups

  • Member of the Nano3 research group in the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • Member of the G W Gray Centre for Advanced Materials


A. R. L. Marshall, J. Stokes, F. N. Viscomu, J. E. Proctor, J. Gierschner, J.-S. G. Bouillard, A. M. Adawi, 'Determining Molecular Orientation via Single Molecule SERS in a Plasmonic Nano-gap', Nanoscale (2017), doi:10.1039/C7NR05107G

 F. Cheng, E. S. Marshall, A. J. Young, P. J. Robinson, J.-S. G. Bouillard, A. M. Adawi, N. A. Vermeulen, O. K. Farha, M. R. Reithofer, J. M. Chin, 'Magnetic Control of MOF Crystal Orientation and Alignment', Chem. Eur. J. (2017), doi:10.1002/chem.201703812

C. J. Eling, T. W. Price, A. R. L. Marshall, F. N. Viscomi, P. Robinson, G. Firth, A. M. Adawi, J.-S. G. Bouillard, and G. J. Stasiuk, 'A Dual-Modal SERS/Fluorescence Gold Nanoparticle Probe for Mitochondrial Imaging', ChemPlusChem 82, pp 1-8 (2017)

C. P. T. McPolin, N. Olivier, J.-S. Bouillard, D. O’Connor, A. V. Krasavin, W. Dickson, G. A. Wurtz, and A. V. Zayats, 'Universal Switching of Plasmonic Signals using Optical Resonator Modes', Light: Science & Applications (2017) 6, e16237

C. P. T. McPolin, J.-S. Bouillard, S. Vilain, A. Krasavin, W. Dickson, D. O’Connor, G. Wurtz, J. Justice, B. Corbett and A. V. Zayats, 'Integrated Plasmonic Circuitry on a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Laser Platform', Nature Communications 7, 12409 (2016)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Foundation Physics 1
  • Foundation Physics 2
  • Preparing for Learning in Higher Education
  • Experimental Physics and Mathematics 1
  • Experimental Physics and Mathematics 2
  • Advanced Topics in Physics
  • Final Year projects for BSc and MPhys
  • Library project (MPhys level 6)

Research PhDs

PhD applications in areas overlapping with Jean-Sebastien's areas of focus are welcome.

Current PhD supervisions

  • Francesco Viscomi, Controlling light matter interactions at the nanoscale using plasmonic systems, Departmental studentship, started June 2015, Dr. J-S. Bouillard (Primary Supervisor) and Dr Ali Adawi (Second Supervisor)
  • Charlotte Eling, Active nanoscale control of light matter interactions using chemical rulers for cancer diagnostics, University scholarship, started October 2015, Dr. J-S. Bouillard (Primary Supervisor), Graeme Stasiuk (Second Supervisor) and Dr Ali Adawi (Second Supervisor)
  • Peter Robinson, Directed self-assembly for Metamaterials, Physics and Devices: Geometries for Nanophotonic Applications, University of Hull research cluster, start October 2016, Bouillard (Primary Supervisor) and Dr Ali Adawi (Second Supervisor), Professor Georg Mehl (Second Supervisor), Dr. Jia Min Chin (Second Supervisor), Dr. Michael R. Reithofer (Second Supervisor)


Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Near field optical microscopy using polymer micro tips: development and applications, under the supervision of Prof P-M Adam, University of Technology of Troyes, France (2007)
  • DEA Fundamental Physics, University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France (2003)
  • MSci Physics and Space Science, University College London (2002)

External roles

Jean-Sebastien has strong research collaborations nationally and internationally.