Dr Chiara Guerrini

Lecturer in Psychology

Faculty of Health Sciences


+44 (0) 1482 466050

Dr Chiara Guerrini is a lecturer in psychology in the University of Hull's School of Life Sciences.

Her research is currently focused on a study which she is conducting on Alzheimer's disease and cognitive ageing.


Research Interests

  • Neuropsychology of normal and pathological ageing

Research groups

  • Dr Luís Pires, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • Professor José Augusto Leitão, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Coimbra University, Portugal
  • Professor Mário Rodrigues Simões, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Coimbra University, Portugal
  • Professor Esmie Moniz-Cook, Center of Dementia Research and Practice, Humber NHS FT, (Hon) Prof of Dementia Research at the University of Hull
  • Dr Ivana Markova. Hull York Medical School, University of Hull
  • Prof Giuliana Mazzoni, Psychology,School of Life Sciences, University of Hull

Dr Guerrini is conducting a study into Alzheimer's disease and cognitive ageing which is seeking volunteers.


Pires L, Leitão J, Guerrini C, Simões M, 'Cognitive Control during a Spatial Stroop Task: Comparing Conflict Monitoring and Prediction of Response-Outcome Theories', Acta Psychologica, DOI:10.1016/j.actpsy.2017.06.009 (2017)

Norris J, Castronovo J, McGeown W, Guerrini C, 'Aging and the Number Sense: Preserved Basic Non-Symbolic Numerical Processing and Enhanced Basic Symbolic Processing', Frontiers in Psychology (2015)

Pires L, Leitão J, Guerrini C, Simões M, 'Event-Related Brain Potentials in the Study of Inhibition: Cognitive Control, Source Localisation and Age-Related Modulations', Neuropsychology Review, DOI: 10.1007/s11065-014-9275-4 (2014)

Shanks M F, McGeown W J, Guerrini C, Venneri A, 'Awareness and Confabulation', Neuropsychology, 28(3), pp 406-414 (2014)


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Brain and Behaviour 1
  • Brain and Behaviour 2
  • Introduction to Theories of Psychology
  • Abnormal and Applied Biological Psychology
  • Research Skills
  • Academic Support Tutor (AST) sessions
  • 3rd year projects supervision

Research PhDs

  • Neuropsychology and cognitive self-awareness of normal and pathological ageing in areas of attention memory, language and problem solving
  • Impact of exercise on cognitive functions and cognitive self-awareness in the elderly
  • Inhibitory functions and ageing

Completed PhDs

International supervision

  • Dr Luis Pires, Executive Control Function: Predicting Diagnostic Assignment and Functional Capacity Changes in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease and Late-Onset Major Depression

First Supervision

  • Dr Paraskevi Zafeiridi, Self-Evaluation and Neuropsychological Assessment in Normal and Pathological Ageing
  • Dr Kate Richardson-Frankton, Comparison of Objective and Subjective Measures in Ageing

Second supervision

  • Dr Jade Norris, Number Sense and Ageing, co-supervision in collaboration with Dr J Castronovo

Current PhD supervisions

  • Deniz Aygun, Self Evaluation and Cognitive Performance in Physically Active and Active Healthy Older Adults

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Verona (Italy)
  • Laurea in Psychology, (Experimental), Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua (Italy)

External roles

Trusts and charities’ donations towards ageing and dementia work in the local community

  • Outreach work on ageing and dementia
  • CEOWLE WI, Crowle
  • Backcare
  • Hull Older People’s Partnership.
  • Hartrigg Hoaks, Joseph Rowntree Trust.
Training in dementia care
  • Collaboration with Diane Redburn (Dementia Academy, Hull).

Awards and accolades

  • Research grant, EUR 49,950 awarded to J Leitão, A Gomes, C Guerrini, I Barbas dos Santos by Fundacao BIAL to study Inhibitory Processing in the Ageing Brain: Disentangling the Effects of Age, Chronotype, Time of Day and Executive Control, over 36 months, starting March 2015.
  • Biomedical Vacation Scholarship, £1,440 from the Wellcome Trust, June 2010.
  • Research grant, £ 7,493, from the British Academy to study Self-Awareness of Cognitive Functioning in Healthy People, January 2008-June 2009.
  • Equipment grant, £ 90,410, from the Wellcome Trust awarded to Chang Hong Liu, Jie Sui, Chiara Guerrini, Michael F. Shanks and Annalena Venneri for Neural Mechanisms of Visual Cognition and Memory Functions, December 2006-December 2011.