Angel Urbina-Garcia

Dr Angel Urbina Garcia

Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes and Lecturer in Early Childhood

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of Education and Social Sciences


Dr Urbina-Garcia is a developmental psychologist with extensive experience as a lecturer - both face-to-face and online - in three continents, Asia, Europe and America. His research and work focuses on listening to what children have to say, their wellbeing and transitions from a psycho-educational perspective in addition to investigating students' engagement in online learning. After working as a classroom teacher for a number of years, he worked as the Regional Coordinator of Child Psychologists overseeing 19 childcare and educational centres. He has wide experience in working with children, parents, teachers, teaching assistants and headteachers, as well as child psychologists, pedagogists, social workers, nutritionists, educators and paediatricians. Dr Urbina-Garcia has designed and facilitated seminars, workshops and CPD courses for psychologists, teachers, headteachers, parents, child psychologists and teaching assistants.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Urbina is happy to hear from potential students interested in undertaking postgraduate research in any of his areas of research interest.