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What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity. Every year, hundreds of students join university through Clearing for all sorts of reasons and go on to flourish on their degrees. You could do the same.

It’s for those who do better or worse in their exams than expected. It’s for those who change their mind about where they want to go. And for those who’ve only just decided uni might be right for them.

It might be your first step to a degree. Or maybe it’s your next one. Whatever your reason, this is your way in. Clearing is your opportunity to get the degree you need and the future you want.

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Why Clearing?

"I’ve only just decided to go to uni, so I haven’t applied through UCAS.”

“I’ve changed my mind and want to switch to a different course or uni.”

“I didn’t get the grades I need for my firm or insurance choice."

"I got better grades than I thought I would, so I want to swap my offer.”

When does Clearing start?

You may have heard Clearing only starts after A level results day – which in 2019 is on 15 August. That’s a myth. You can actually apply through Clearing as early as 5 July. So now’s the time to start preparing...

  • 5 July: Clearing is open
  • Today: Apply now
  • 15 August: Results day

What can I do before results day?

  1. Research

    Make a list of the unis and courses you like the look of, and the grades you need to get into them.

  2. Go to a visit day

    Trust us. The moment you get there, you’ll know if it’s where you’re meant to be. Book your Hull Visit Day here.

  3. Don't wait for results day

    If you're thinking a change of plans might be on your horizon before results day, you can apply direct to a university and get an offer just in case. Give us a call on 01482 466100 and make some of those nerves go away.

  4. Get advice

    Friends, family, students who’ve been to university: they can all help. Especially the ones who’ve been through Clearing.

  5. Think positive

    Remember, Clearing is your opportunity. You’ve got lots of options, and plenty of time yet. And the fact you’re reading this now means you’ve already got a head start.

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This is where I’m meant to be.”

Next visit day: Wednesday 14 August

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