Get real value for money in Hull

Hull has been named the most affordable city for students in the UK in Natwest's Student Living index 2018.

Come to Hull for university and you can expect a big experience for a small price. And it's not just us saying that either - Hull is now officially the UK's most affordable city for students, according to NatWest's Student Living Index 2018.

That means your money goes a whole lot further here, with lower rents on average than anywhere else in England - and the cheapest nights out.

You'll also have more money in your pockets - thanks to generous scholarships and plenty of opportunities for part-time work to top up your student loans.

That means you'll be among the most independent too - needing to call on the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' less often than your counterparts in other parts of the country.

And you'll find plenty to do here without going into the red. Hull hosts one of the UK's best free festivals every year - Freedom Fest* - and there's a host of free museums and attractions to explore.

So come to Hull where you get a lot for a little - and find your independence. We'll drink to that - for half the price they do in London!**

Why we're most affordable

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Scholarships and bursaries

*According to Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Best Free Festivals

**Based on the price of a pint of beer, as reported by students surveyed

§Including income combined from loans, parents and jobs.

Information taken from Natwest Student Living Index 2018