Applying for Pre-Sessional English Language Programmes

Our pages include information for international students

The university offers a range of courses for students who need to study English before starting a degree programmes. 

We offer a year round course, University of Hull English Language Programme (UHELP) and shorter summer courses of 4, 8 or 10 weeks, which are full time courses. The programmes are also open to those who need to update their language skills to live in the UK.

How to apply

The application form can be downloaded here.

Please send your completed form to 

To guarantee consideration for the start month shown please ensure your application reaches us by the date given.

  • Start June 2020 (UHELP) - closing date for applications 21 May 2020
  • Start July 2020 (Pre Sessional English) – closing date for applications 18 June 2020
  • Start August 2020 (Pre Sessional English) – closing date for applications 16 July 2020

After those dates applicants who do not need a Tier 4 visa may still be considered at the University's discretion if there is time to process your completed application before the start date.  Please contact us for advice if you are not sure which is the right course for you.

Students who need a Tier 4 visa to study a pre-sessional course must have a Secure English Language Test (SELT) approved by the Home Office for entry to the course.

Applicants who will be coming newly to the University of Hull to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree are welcome to apply for the summer English programme even if this is not a condition of degree entry.

Can I do a second course?

If you have already taken one of these courses before your undergraduate degree, we cannot accept a further application for the summer course before starting your postgraduate degree at Hull, unless your postgraduate degree requires a more advanced level of English than your undergraduate degree required on admission.