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Your applicant journey | International students

International Postgraduate students

A step by step guide to the application process for International applicants. 

 1. Define your research topic and find a supervisor...

Firstly, you need to think about a research question that you would like to explore at the University of Hull. Search our website to find the programme that best fits your research interests and get in touch with one of the academics working in your area who may be able to supervise your project  

... or search for a scholarship

You may find a scholarship available in your research area by visiting our postgraduate research scholarships webpage.

These scholarships will usually have a pre-defined research topic and supervisors already in place. You need to apply following the instructions on the webpage.

 2. Apply online

Discuss your research topic with your supervisor, and once you have agreed this and supervision arrangements you should apply online to Hull, following the link to apply to your chosen programme on our website.

3. After you have applied 

Once you have completed your application, you will receive an invitation to log into MyHull Portal. This is where you will find out whether your application has been successful and the associated documents that you will need.

4. Accepting your offer 

If your application has been successful, you will need to accept your offer via the MyHull Portal, you will not be able to go forward for enrolment unless you do this. 

5. Conditions and entry requirements 

If you have been sent a conditional offer, this means that there are certain things you need to send to us before you can enroll as a student at Hull. These conditions (also known as entry requirements) will be listed in your offer in the MyHull Portal. Examples include academic references, ATAS, English language proficiency scores, or exam marks. If you are unsure about any of your conditions, you should contact 

If you have an unconditional offer, this means we do not need any additional documentation from you.  

6. Sending us documents 

If we have requested additional information as a condition of your offer, please use the MyHull Portal to upload your documents. Do not send via email as this may result in delays to your application. 

7. Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) 

Once you have accepted your offer, you will be sent a link to complete a CAS questionnaire. If you have any previous UK study visas, you must upload them to the MyHull Portal. 

8. Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) 

Your programme of study may require an ATAS certificate – if so, this will be listed as a condition on your offer.

You can apply for your ATAS no earlier than 6 months before your start date, providing you have a conditional offer from us. 

9. Check your application status 

If you were given a conditional offer, once you have met all of your entry requirements the status of your application will change in MyHull Portal. Please check this regularly so you are aware of the status of your application.

10. Paying the deposit

If you pay your own fees 

International students (including former EU, if not currently residing in UK) who are paying fees themselves will need to pay a deposit. You can do this via the MyHull Portal or through FlyWire and Western Union. More information is available on our website 

We are not able to issue the CAS until you have paid your deposit. You need the CAS in order to apply for your student visa. 

If you have a scholarship or sponsorship 

If you have a scholarship from the University of Hull, you will not be required to pay a deposit. 

If you are sponsored but not by the University, you need to provide a copy of your sponsor letter to waive the deposit. Upload this via the MyHull Portal.

11. Draft CAS 

Once you have paid your deposit (and this has cleared in our system) or uploaded your sponsor letter, we will now be able to issue you the draft CAS. You must check all details on the draft CAS are correct before approval. Any changes to the CAS can be managed through the MyHull Portal. 

12. Issuing your final CAS 

Once you have approved your draft CAS, we will issue you with your final CAS. If you make any payments towards your tuition fees our finance team are able to update your CAS directly with the UKVI. Please contact the finance team at and quote your CAS number. 

13. The final step: enrolling at the University of Hull

Once you have your CAS, you will receive an enrolment email inviting you to log into MyHull Portal and register formally as a student at Hull. If you have any questions about enrolment, you are then able to use the Talk to Us function within the MyHull Portal.  

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