Fee status assessment

The fee status of each applicant is determined when we receive a new application. Those regarded as ‘overseas’ and eligible to pay at the higher tuition fee rate are advised accordingly before registration and allowed the opportunity to appeal if there is further material information not yet provided.

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The Admissions Service will request any further information required to complete an assessment. However the University reserves the right to reassess and rescind home fees status if any further information later comes to light.

The University aims to:

  • Make fair and consistent decisions on all fee status assessments in applying the relevant UK legislation
  • Provide clear feedback as to the reasons for a decision
  • Provide reasonable opportunity for an applicant/student to provide further documentary evidence for evaluation but reserve the right to assess as 'overseas' when the student/applicant has not responded in full in providing the evidence needed to reach any other decision
  • Consider requests for review of the status of continuing students against the appropriate regulations where the student's circumstances have changed significantly.  As the University is not privy to such personal information it is a student's responsibility to make a request for review and to provide necessary documentation to allow this to proceed
  • A student who gains Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, during their programme, is not necessarily entitled to a change of status under the regulations but the University will undertake a review on request

Requests for review of fee status must be in writing to the Head of the Admissions Service.

Independent advice on the regulations may be obtained from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

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