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Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

You may be able to use credit from previous study towards a University of Hull degree. Learning can be either formally certificated or can be gained through experience in the workplace (eg in-house training programmes that are not externally assessed).

Our pages include information for international students

There are broadly two types of credit:

1. General Credit

Assessed as being at a certain level compared with University credit. May be used in some cases to gain entry to a programme in lieu of, for example, A levels or other ‘standard’ entry requirements.

General Credit can in some cases be used to gain exemption from one or more modules within a University programme where there is a wide choice of modules and the prior learning is judged by the academic department to be at an equivalent level.

2. Specific Credit

This is normally used to gain exemption from one or more modules where the learning covers the subject matter that would be studied and assessed within that module and where the level of learning is at an appropriate level. The learning must also be current (some credits have a maximum 'shelf life').

In some cases the University is able to offer direct entry to the second or third year of a programme by agreeing that the prior learning of an applicant covers all of the learning outcomes of the modules contained within the earlier years of the programme (put simply, we judge that, had the applicant taken the assessment in those modules, s/he would have passed them all).

The maximum amount of credit towards a University of Hull award that gain be awarded through APL is governed by the University Regulations and in some cases, by accreditation by the relevant professional body.

Occasionally we cannot accept students into a later stage of a programme due to the availability of placements.

There are many different ways that APL can work and each case is considered individually. In some cases claims can be very straightforward (for example where an HND has been completed in the degree subject) or can involve detailed preparation of a portfolio by the applicant (such as for combination of work-based courses with professional qualifications) and possibly interview (eg to assess skills in a European language).

Making your enquiry

The Admission Tutor will need to see details of your previous/current study so please include with your first enquiry the following information

  • Qualification/s studied for/awarded
  • Awarding institution/examination body
  • Date of your studies
  • A breakdown of all unit/subjects/modules taken with your grade/mark for each one

If you have an official transcript please include that with your enquiry.

The Admission Tutor may need you to provide more information later and any costs to obtain transcripts or similar is the applicant's responsibility.

Please contact the Admissions Office in the first instance for further guidance.

A pro-rota tuition fee discount will be applied for applicants who are accepted with APL.