Formal student complaints

Stage 3 – University Review

If you feel that the resolutions offered to you at stage 2 are not reasonable or that your complaint has not been fully investigated in line with the complaints policy, you can request a University Review within 15 days of receiving your Stage 2 outcome.

What happens at Stage 3?

A complaint can only be reviewed on one or more of the following grounds:

  • There is new evidence that was not available during Stage 2
  • There is evidence to suggest the Stage 2 process was not followed correctly
  • The resolution or outcome at Stage 2 is unreasonable

A senior member of staff who is completely independent from the case and the Service Area or Academic Unit will review the Stage 2 complaint to check that procedure has been followed correctly and that the outcomes reached are reasonable.

You can request a University Review here.

The Stage 3 Review will not re-examine the evidence but may suggest alternative resolutions if the reviewer feels it is appropriate.

NB. If your complaint is particularly complex, a panel of reviewers may look at your complaint.

A Stage 3 Review is FINAL and is not open to appeal.

What happens next?

If you are still not happy with the resolution after the Stage 3 review, you may take your complaint to the OIA (Office of the Independent Adjudicator).

You will be issued with a Completion of Procedures letter by the University Complaints Officer which means that you have completed our internal processes.

The OIA may then review your complaint if it is eligible.

Please contact the University Complaints Office on if you are unsure who to contact, or have any queries regarding the regulations or procedure.

Student Support

If you feel like you need additional support at this time, you can contact Student Support.