Student complaints

We want every student to have a positive experience during their time at university, but we know that sometimes things don't go right.

There are a number of ways feedback can be given including through your personal/research supervisor, module evaluation questionnaires, focus groups or staff/student committees.

We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong and when they do we want to address your concerns as soon as possible. There are a number of informal channels you can use to resolve your problems and we encourage you to raise your concerns informally wherever possible.

A good starting point would be to approach one of the following:

  • Personal supervisor
  • Director of student experience
  • Staff from relevant service area (for matters not relating to your programme of study)
  • Student Hub

If you are unsure who these people are please visit your Faculty Student Hub.

You can also visit the Central Hub on the 1st Floor of Student Central, email or call 01482 462222.

If you need independent support or guidance you can visit the Hull University Union Advice Centre.

Formal Complaints

If you feel unhappy with the advice you have received or feel your issues have not been dealt with to your satisfaction, you can refer your complaint in writing to the Faculty Dean or Head of Service Area through the Formal Complaints Process. Find more detailed information on the procedure and submit a complaint here.