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16 May 2022
Climate change is disrupting ‘the language of life’ across all types of ecosystems
Living with water

Enabling flood and climate resilience through local and global expertise

Water droplet

Our expertise helps communities worldwide to become better prepared for rising flood risks. We are part of the regional Living with Water consortium set up to raise awareness of flooding, build resilience and drive sustainability. Our Ark National Flood Resilience Centre provides specialist facilities, education and support for communities and flood responders, while the Flood Innovation Centre supports businesses to develop services, processes and products in flood resilience.

A number of our researchers work closely with partners in Vietnam, exploring the Mekong delta’s future flood resilience and sustainability, as well as supporting young people in the Red River catchment area to improve community-led climate action and resilience.

Enhancing Heritage and Creative Industries

Preserving our heritage and advancing our creative industries

Other research themes

Social justice